Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toxicleanse - suggestions for use

The Toxicleanse remedy has value when one has been exposed to contaminants, whether the are in or on one's food or in the environment, such as sprays. Some people are more sensitive to this kind of exposure, or have impaired detoxification pathways that don't allow the elimination of these chemicals.

While some agencies say that chemicals are safe, there can be individual differences that compromise some people. In Phoenix during out summer rainy season, the county chooses to spray for mosquitoes. They do this at night with fumes belching out of trucks as they drive through the neighborhoods. I am aware of when they come through my neighborhood because I experience reactions such as foggy thinking, nausea, lack of energy and lung difficulties. It is necessary for me to cleanse and clear this from my system to regain my vitality. 

Toxicleanse is one of the first remedies I use since it is effective for getting to these chemicals. So whether one is concerned about sprays on their fruits and vegetables or sprays in our homes, workplaces and neighborhoods for bugs and pests, this remedy can be used as needed or routinely. 

One must consider the amount of exposure and degree of reaction when using a remedy. When there is a known problem, one can use drops in the mouth every 5 minutes for the first hour, then every 15 minutes, and finally 4 times per day. IF one is choosing to cleanse, then 1/2 eyedropper full in 20 ounce water bottle and sip over the day is a method of use.

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