Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I wish I had found you sooner!"

That comment is such a compliment to my work. I'm always appreciative when I receive such praise. But mostly I'm grateful that the work I do is effective.

Efficient is doing the job right.
Effective is doing the right job.

Virginia came in to see me with a sore right side: the hip, the low back, even her shoulder hurt. I gave her one Bowmann's Bowen treatment, taught her how to stand up evenly, and gave her a short homework assignment. (Drink lots of water, walk if you feel like it and wait until next week.)

Well, today was next week and everything is doing so much better. The right hip didn't hold completely, but it's so much better. (I guess that's why I suggest a second treatment.) As she was leaving, she said those magical words. "I wish I had found you sooner."

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cleansing and Rejuvenation

   One is so often bombarded with pollution, adulterated food laced with antibiotics and pesticides (yes, even our organic food is rained on by acid rain) and congestion. As these stresses mount, many people experience symptoms such as headaches, rashes, increased allergies and / or environmental illness. Some have severe constipation, others have skin rashes and eruptions, and then there are those yeast infections, which are called candida, or candidiasis. This can show up as a vaginal discharge or yucky white film on the tongue, called thrush. (Even babies get thrush and they are miserable when it occurs. More about babies later.)
   What can actually be done? Detoxification is a valuable way to rid the body of many of these toxins, but let us not forget to rebuild our cells in the process. I think it would be hard for each of us to "clean the garage one day, the attic the next, the basement the day after, and finally till the garden after that." Perhaps that seems like a strange comment here, but I see many individuals who don't take sufficient time to rebuild, rest and rejuvenate between cleansing periods.
   Let's take a look at a possible approach to cleansing. First of all, one would best assist the body by starting any program with thorough colon irrigation followed by an appropriate infusion of intestinal bacteria (At Home Colon Kit). I developed an easy application of this, called "Reflorastation." When this is included in the treatment, or done in the privacy of one's home, the large intestine is ready and willing to carry off the debris after its completion of the decomposition of food.
   Next, one would need an evaluation to determine the priority of cleansing what organs and in what order. One person might have weak kidneys, another a sluggish liver or malfunctioning gallbladder.
  Then a suitable program can be started. After cleansing a particular organ or system, time should be devoted to rebuilding it. Proper nutrition and supplementation can do this. Systematically, one can then address the next organ or system until we have completed the process. Routinely, or annually, depending on exposure can also help determine the frequency of cleansing.
   When one is nursing a baby it is important to not cleanse, rather to rebuild with good nutrition, as this will impact the nutrients given to one's baby in the mother's milk.

Case History: I have seen many cases of improved bowels and health in babies when the mother has a Reflorastation. Within three hours, the baby begins to settle down their digestive upsets, thrush has lessened, they sleep peacefully. One such baby had been up all night, she was only 3 weeks old, and her mouth was filled with thrush. Even though the parents were giving her medicine from the doctor, everyone was miserable. I treated the mother and she nursed her baby about an hour later. The fussiness lessened but only slightly. However, 3 hours later, she nursed again. Baby promptly fell asleep after burping, and slept for 6 hours. She awoke happy, gurgling, and bright eyed. Mom had passed the strength of the reflorastation to her baby.

   In this way, one can honor and care for their body by keeping it as pure and vitalized as possible.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Revitalization Through Colon Infusions

   The sigmoid colon as well as the rectal mucous membrane possesses (like all other mucous membranes) an extraordinary capacity to absorb administered substances that will transfer rapidly into the blood stream without degradation, decomposition, or neutralization. The primary benefit to anal-rectal administration of therapeutic agents is the avoidance of degeneration caused by hydrochloric acid from the stomach and digestive juices.
   Colonics are a universal technique – utilizing water as a vehicle to eliminate wastes and toxins immobilized in diverticula pockets or stagnated in the colon due to slow or poor peristalsis. After the colon has been competently cleansed of its wastes, the introduction of well-selected infusions can be advantageous to the individual's health.
   Many people may already be familiar with colo-rectal infusions. Dr Ann Wigmore suggested wheatgrass because of its powerful ability to purify the intestines. Dr Max Gerson's cancer therapy has utilized coffee enemas, which stimulates contractions as well as bile production and activates the evacuation of the liver's toxins.
   In 1991, I began the pioneering work of infusing probiotics (acidophilus) to bring homeostasis back to the colon. The positive benefits were almost miraculous. These infusions powerfully assisted in the regulation of bowel function, including chronic constipation, traveler's diarrhea, and conditions like irritable bowels or yeast overgrowth.
   Vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and herbals are available for infusion as well. In the presence of certain bowel disorders such as colitis, parasites and hemorrhoids, suppositories might also be used.
   Research from Switzerland is resolving problems with flower essences when conventional methods have failed. Essential oils (aromatherapy) are popular in New Zealand, whereas, the Japanese use sesame oil infusions to increase the elimination of intestinal toxins. It is interesting to note the different oils (sunflower, linseed, walnut, etc) have varying therapeutic properties.
   In Spain, trace elements have been used with positive results. We now have specially formulated intra-rectal nutrients, which are completely utilized. Since one of the disadvantages of taking supplements by mouth is the heavy concentration of these vitamins being eliminated in the urine, rectal administration can assist those who are struggling with nutrient deficiency or seeking greater vitality.
   Like all other health related therapies, a consultation with a competent health care practitioner is recommended prior to these valuable treatments. Each one of these modalities has a time tested track record and specific areas of effectiveness. When appropriately selected, they may assist in raising your health to a greater level of vitality.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Power of Probiotics

  Most people do not realize that we should have more healthy bacteria in our bodies than we have cells of our bodies. While some beneficial bacteria live in the upper digestive tract, the beneficial micro-flora mostly live in the large intestine where they manufacture certain nutrients such as Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin K. They also absorb nutrients the small intestines might have missed. From a protective standpoint, they block the absorption of toxins that our body wants to eliminate. Next, they help us recycle water and bile. By recycling water, we will have less dehydration. Since bile can be reused to emulsify fats and oils, the colon supports digestion. Finally, the bacteria assist in the decomposition of our digested food stuff, called chyme, into fecal material.

  When we have constipation, or irritable bowels, diarrhea, excess gas and bloating, we probably have bacteria that is putrefying in our gut. By using the Reflorastation Therapy, we can rectally introduce good bacteria and affect the intestinal environment in a beneficial way. Candida yeast overgrowth will be reduced with this treatment. Diverticulitis can be soothed. Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea can often been relieved with reflorastation. Digestion is assisted by healthy probiotics.

  At Home Colon Kits are available for the convenience and comfort of use. When these kits are kept in the refrigerator they have a life span of at least 18 months.

Case History:  A 35 year old healthy man (fireman by occupation) had suffered with daily loose bowel movements, excessive gas and bloating. Even though a gastroenterologist ran "every test possible" they were all inconclusive. It only showed inflammation and irritation in the large intestine. I administered one colonic with reflorastation therapy. He left with hopeful reservations about the possibility of a normalcy. Later, I received the following note: "It has been nearly three weeks since my procedure and I just wanted to drop a note to say I appreciate what you do! I have never felt so 'normal' in a long time. What you have done for me is given me back my life. I am not afraid to leave the house for extended periods of time. I can also enjoy my job a lot more now. I genuinely thank you.

In my book, You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health, chapter 6 "The Menagerie of Bacteria" is all about the value and healthy bacteria in our intestines. This is a must read. Check out to order your copy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Repetitive Stress Relief and Chronic Pain Relief

  Our world and the speed with which is revolves seems to be getting faster and more demanding. Today we make phone calls and handle appointments on the way to work. Whether it is a text message to confirm something or a late night email to complete a communication, we seem to always be on the go.
  The over use of our bodies, particularly our arms and hands, is expressed as pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, wrists and hands. This may be diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. or headaches, or upper back pain. even shoulder pain. Those that spend lots of time on their feet, especially in one stationary position, complain of pain in the low back, thighs, calves and feet. Sometimes this is diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. or sciatic pain. or low back pain. No matter what the name is, any of these can cause sleepless nights and extreme distress.
  There are various methods to address these conditions. I have found two forms of therapeutic body work which gives consistently successful results. One is a muscle plucking method which was developed 50 years ago in Australia. As the muscle is plucked (like a guitar string is plucked) a vibration is created within the nerves found deep inside the muscle. This vibration begins to unravel the tensions and stress. A pattern of movements, with rest periods between each sequence, addresses the various parts of the body. Relief usually begins with the first treatment, however 3 or 4 sessions may be needed to regain full use without pain. Back pain relief. Sciatic nerve pain relief. Carpal tunnel pain relief. Cluster headache relief, any kind of headache relief.
  The other method was developed about a dozen years ago in Colorado. It is a stroking pressure combined with a stretching technique which progressively releases the recoil of an overused or damaged muscle. This recoil concept is like a muscle cramp which drives you out of bed from the pain. The treatment method requires the person to also practice specific stretching techniques to maintain the increased flexibility and integrity of the muscle achieved during a treatment. Several sessions may be needed depending on the severity and longevity of the condition, although some relief is often achieved with the first treatment. Foot pain relief. Severe back pain relief. Neck and headache pain relief.
  Although the methods are quite different in technique, they can each be highly successful for severe and / or chronic pain. For those suffering from our modern day world's repetitive use, there is help. And it is only a muscle pluck or stroke and stretch away.
  For those wanting to learn the plucking technique, check out Bowmann's Bowen - simple techniques with remarkable pain relief.