Friday, January 21, 2011

Hospitals are germ givers.

While hospitals are life savers, they are also germ givers. So be careful. One of the serious ones is "Clostridium Difficile" which is called C. Diff

From the Mayo website it states, "C. Diff is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. difficile most commonly affects older adults in hospitals or in long term care facilities and typically occurs after use of antibiotic medications.

"In recent years, C. difficile infections have become more frequent, more severe and more difficult to treat. Each year, tens of thousands of people in the United States get sick from C. difficile, including some otherwise healthy people who aren't hospitalized or taking antibiotics.

"Mild illness caused by C. difficile may get better if you stop taking antibiotics. Severe symptoms require treatment with a different antibiotic."

So what are my thoughts: The downside of antibiotics is the destruction of the healthy bacteria which keeps us well by being a part of the immune system and participating in some very important functions. 

As a holistic practitioner I have an important thing to suggest: Reflorastation. The treatment can make a big difference. With C Diff, there are several things to do. One of my colleagues, who suffered with "recurrent C. Diff" and was finally treated in my office, wrote an informative booklet on C Diff. His name is Robert Kaplan, MD and his booklet is on The products for treatment are available thru
You can contact Victoria Bowmann PhD for further information and suggestions.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a nice complement!

I just love the benefits one receives from Bowmann's Bowen treatments. I'm amazed (although I shouldn't be) at the things I hear and the thanks I get. One lady who was suffering with plantar fascitis and migraine headaches came for her third treatment. She was doing her stretches daily and following the other suggestions I had made. As I began to work, she commented that she hadn't had a headache in over a week, but got one today.

The treatment is so gently but effective. As I finished the last part, she fell asleep on my table. (That's always a compliment). And a few minutes later, she got up and said, "Wow, I had headache when I got here, and now it's gone. I feel great. I'll call you when I need another treatment. Thanks."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Questions to ask before choosing a colon cleanse:

 1.  The frequency of bowel movements is:

A.  2 or more times a day

B.  Once daily

C.  Almost every day

D.  2-3 times each week

E.  Maybe once a week


2.  Which of the following do I experience (check all that apply):

A.  Burping or belching

B.  Indigestion

C.  Bowel gas

D.  Bloat

E.  Frequent abdominal pain

F.  Occasional pain


3.  Do I use any of the following to help my bowel movements (check all that apply):

A.  Over the counter products

B.  Herbs or teas

C.  Suppositories

D.  Enemas

E.  Fiber or fiber supplements


4.  Is my bowel movement:

A.  Hard and lumpy

B.  Like marbles or pellets

C.  Soft and unformed

D.  Formed, easy to eliminate

E.  Skinny and flat

F.  Splatty and loose


5.  How much time do I spend on the toilet:

A.  30 minutes or more

B.  Maybe 5 minutes

C.  I'm in and out in a minute or two

D.  I hurry to find a toilet when I gotta go

E.  I know where every bathroom is because of urgency.


6.  When I travel, my bowels:

A.  They are just the same

B.  They hardly ever move. I wait until I get home.

C.  I take something (laxatives, herbs or enemas) to have a bowel movement.

D.  Traveling gives me diarrhea.


7.  I take medicine for:

A.  Blood pressure

B.  Diabetes

C.  Pain

D.  Anxiety or depression

E.  Sleep

F.  Other medication, please state what condition you have.

 If you would like Dr Victoria's opinion on a cleanse, email your answers to her.





Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Endorsed by Doris J Rapp MD

I received her latest book: 32 TIPS that could Save Your Life. In it she wrote:

Special for Dr Victoria Bowmann

Few -- very very few -- have your level of expertise in so many areas of medicine. Phoenix is fortunate you "nested" here. Bless you for all you've done, are doing and will do for so very many to keep them well and healthy --

With sincere appreciation, Doris J Rapp MD

Monday, January 10, 2011

Find Out Where Toxins Hide and How to Remedy Them

My dear friend and colleague, Doris Rapp, MD has written one NYTimes best seller in the past and has a new book entitled "32 Tips That Could Save Your Life". We now have epidemics of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, depression and ADHD. Everyone needs to know what in their homes might be a possible cause. 
Every so often there is a "must read" for everyone. I just got my copy and the information has so many practical applications. Where I am working to clean up the toxicity within the individual, she has pointed out where our "little nests" (called home) are teaming with toxins. If we clean up our homes, we won't have so much cleaning to do on our bodies. 
It's my pleasure to pass on her site:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

#1 Question for Dr Oz

Did you watch the new Oprah network (OWN) a couple of days ago? The panel consisted of Dr Phil, Susie Orman and Dr Oz. Previously, they had informed the viewers that the panel would be answering questions sent in by email.
The number 1 question for Dr Oz was: "What do I need to do to poop?" From New York City to San Francisco, from south Texas to Minnesota, the #1 question was, "Please, Help Me Poop!"

Kim was a lady who was following his suggestions, and 5 days later, she still hadn't had a bowel movement. She was miserable.

Preventive care has an answer. My research and application of a multifaceted program has helped thousands get control of and eliminate "regularly” on a daily basis. If you'd care to learn the answer, check out my website, get a copy of my book: You Gotta Have GUTS, or get in touch.