Thursday, December 15, 2011

6 hints for healthy holidays

1. Prepare in advance: protein + exercise.  The hustle of the holidays tends to take us off our routines. In getting ready for a holiday party, set aside time to take care of yourself. First, get some exercise a few hours before the event: walk the dog, get on the treadmill, or enjoy some extra yoga postures. These 20 minutes will keep the metabolism moving and generate good feelings. Then, about an hour before leaving, eat some protein: a few almonds or a small protein shake. This will level the blood sugar for several hours that helps curb the appetite and increase one's control over alcohol and food choices.
2. Water between each alcoholic drink. Alcohol causes one to pass more water through the kidneys so it is important to stay hydrated. An 8 ounce glass of water between each alcoholic drink does several things. It fill the stomach so one feels full and is less likely to drink quickly. It replaces the water lost due to the alcohol. One can ask the bartender to add a slice of lemon or lime that will add minerals to the water, which can counteract a hangover.
3. Move away from the buffet table. Take a few minutes to look over the buffet table before picking up a plate. One doesn't need to fill the plate to overflowing, instead, select small portions of those things one knows they will enjoy. Leave some space on the plate and then move away from the food table. Find someone to visit with so that food is consumed at a slower rate. If you wish to have additional food, your hostess will be complimented that you are going back for seconds. Be sure that the total amount you eat is not overdoing it.
4. Dress for discipline. When selecting your holiday apparel, wear something that compliments your body type and fits nicely. Leave the stretchy pants in the closet. By wearing something that one would be uncomfortable in IF they overindulged, you are establishing a code of conduct that says, "I can enjoy myself, however, I will make decisions that support my long term goals of being healthy."
5. Salt and pepper. At our local convenience stores and many of the fast food restaurants, there are little packets of salt and pepper. Always have two or three in your purse or pocket. When selecting a dessert (or given a desert at a sit down dinner), these become lifesavers. Take a bit of dessert and savor the flavor. Place a second bite on your spoon or fork. Discreetly take a packet, open it ans sprinkle over the remaining dessert. (Salt for light colored desserts, pepper for chocolate ones.) You will be the only one that knows the dessert is no longer tasty. You still have the option of eating the one last bite you placed on your utensil. This is pleasure without the guilt or the calories.
6. Friends are more important than food. Perhaps the most valuable part of the holidays is the opportunity to enjoy our family and friends. These relationships are what brings sweetness into our lives. When one shifts the importance away form food, one can look at the reasons we get together. Enjoy the food but enjoy the people more. When we are visiting with others, put your utensils down, set the plate down, and the drink glass, too. Give full attention to the person you are engaged in conversation. Your heart, your health, and your waistline will appreciate it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Severe Foot Pain Relief Naturally: Plantar Fasciitis Strategy That is Quick and Effective

If you’ve woken up one morning, hopped out of bed, and suddenly experienced incredible foot pain, it might be plantar fasciitis.

Pain is both physically and emotionally draining, with plantar fasciitis being a particularly difficult condition. One might say, when one's feet hurt, one hurts all over. Just the simple task of moving a short distance is agonizing, particularly on rising in the morning. It is reported that this occurs in over 2 million Americans each year and in ten percent of the population over a lifetime. The typical medical treatments include night splints, orthotics, anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections and surgery in some cases.

I have found that by combining a number of natural and holistic techniques, this condition can be resolved. First, I address the entire body with the Bowmann’s Bowen technique, paying particular attention to the low back procedure.

Next one must consider the myotatic reflex of muscles. This compensation mechanism activates at three seconds to protect the muscle from damage. In fact, if one elongates a muscle too far and too quickly, it will automatically recoil as a protective reflex against damage such as a tissue tear.

A healthy muscle can elongate up to 1.6 times its normal length; however, they generally don't react well to that degree of stretch. During a physical warm up, many believe that holding a stretch from ten seconds to three minutes is not only beneficial but necessary. When beginning a warm up, one must always consider the myotatic reflex. In order to progress in muscle flexibility, one does not allow time to engage the myotatic reflex. In other words, the first few well designed stretches to address the affected muscles are best done for only two seconds.

As the circulation of the muscle and muscle group increases, then the length of time of the stretch can increase. A damaged muscle must not be stretched for longer than 3 seconds without additional injury. Stretching exercises must be done twice daily. The patient is an integral part of the healing process since they must continue the stretching exercises. While they only take a few minutes, these few minutes are vital to overall success.

Case History #1 is a 43 year old female. She is a chiropractic physician and a long distance runner. Plantar Fasciitis kept her from running. One week after the first treatment, she had experienced 50% reduction in pain. After two more treatments, she is back to running, although only half the distance she is accustomed to running. Two months later, all is well.

Case History #2 is a 44 year old female. One week after her first treatment, she was 10% better. She was 30% better after the second treatment and 75% better after the third. As a side benefit, her knees are also 50% better. She has been able to increase work out routines without pain. She loves the stretches and sees the benefits as well as her responsibility in the healing process.

The holistic model of health includes the commitment and compliance of the patient. A sedimentary lifestyle or an active lifestyle where damage has been incurred can both contribute to Plantar Fasciitis. However, a well-selected modality administered weekly for 3 to 6 treatments can bring about healing to the affected area. As the patient continues their part of the program, success is achieved.

To receive a free copy of the three articles explaining the treatment, visit, email a request in the subject line (Plantar Fasciitis).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review from Towsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine October 2011 Issue #339; P 86

Enhancing GI Health Naturally
Review by Jule Klotter

You Gotta Have GUTS!: The Natural Way to Enhance G I Health, by Victoria Bowmann
CreateSpace Publishing
© 2009; $17.95; 170 pp

You Gotta Have GUTS!, by Victoria Bowmann, PhD, is a highly informative, lay-friendly guide about natural ways to improve gastrointestinal health and function. During her 30-plus-year career, Bowmann has worked as a licensed massage therapist, licensed colon hydrotherapist, and homeopath. Her book explains the many factors that can disrupt GI function, including processed foods, medications (antibiotics), toxins, parasites, stress, dehydration, and even some naturopathic treatments (i.e., enemas, oil of oregano). Sluggish bowels can also result from low thyroid function. Good health depends upon good assimilation of nutrients and consistent (at least once a day) elimination of wastes via the bowel.

Bowmann explains that a great deal of useful information can be gained by paying attention to bowel function and stool – a fact that Asian medicine has long recognized. Color reflects the diet. Vegetarians have a tan stool; it looks greenish tan if they eat a lot of leafy green vegetables. Eating large amounts of red meat will turn the stool dark brown because of the bile needed to digest the fats in these meats. Nervous or stressed people tend to have long, thin “pencil” stool, resulting from constriction of the colon muscles. “Rabbit pellet” stool can denote a lack of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Undigested food in the stool signifies that the person needs to chew his food more thoroughly. An allergy or intolerance to dairy often shows up as mucus in the stool. Mucus can also indicate a sinus or digestive infection. Healthy stool floats under the water line. “If there is excess fat and oil or incomplete digestion of the oil and fat, the stool will float above the water line or leave a residue on the porcelain sides of the toilet bowl,” Bowmann explains. “. . .if a stool sinks into the bottom of the toilet, there is excessive protein in the diet, the toxic load is high, or heavy metals are being eliminated.”

In Bowmann’s experience, healthy colonies of probiotics – beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria – are vital for healthy GI function. Lactobacillus creates a mildly acid environment that aids metabolism and ahs a role in the production of digestive enzymes. These bacteria also stimulate peristalsis. Lactobacillus has the added benefit of inhibiting pathogenic organisms and the overgrowth of Candida albicans. Bifidobacteria also promote a beneficial pH in the GI tract and protect against pathogens as well. In addition, Bifidobacteria produce B vitamins and vitamin K. Bowmann recommends “reflorastation” of the colon, a rectal injection of 20 different strains of beneficial probiotic organisms. “In my clinical experience, the rectal introduction of these live microorganisms establishes much more rapidly than oral consumption,” she explains. “This is because of the pH of the stomach, which has the property of killing bacteria to protect the body. This doesn’t occur when introduced through the rectum.” Medical literature as well as her clinical experience shows that rectal reflorastation relieves constipation and diarrhea, colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, it improves immune function and skin problems.

In addition to reflorastation, You Gotta Have GUTS!  offers specific exercises, diet and supplement suggestions, and other natural methods for supporting GI health and healing. Bowmann also discusses other self-care measures to promote overall health and detoxification, including liver and lymphatic cleanses. A supplemental CD of three 20-minute relaxation exercises is also available. The relaxation meditations are very positive; I found them effective and enjoyable. GI function lies at the core of any detoxification program; it is the foundation. You Gotta Have GUTS! is an excellent guide for understanding and improving this vital system.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doing something right ;-)

Knowledge and information is of no value if it doesn't bring us to a change in action or thoughts. That's what growth and maturity is all about. Many times I am asked, "Why did you write your book?" and my response is, "To make a difference. We are so embarrassed to discuss our intestines, and so many suffer from some kind of bowel problem, that I thought my research and experience needed to be shared."

Today, I received a lovely email. It reads: "Thanks Vicki! Your book is awesome. It is very informative and has totally changed my thinking about colonic health."  GM

The chapters are short so one can read in about 15 minutes. I didn't write them in order so one doesn't have to read them in order :-)  Pick and choose. Eventually, I think you'll read the whole thing and have a greater appreciation for your digestive tract and especially your guts !!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I would still be suffering if it were’t for you

Dear Dr. Vicki,
Let me start out by just saying "Wow!". I never thought I would ever find someone who would be able to help me with my GI issues. I have suffered from chronic constipation, severe pain, pressure, and bloating for several years. I have been to many MDs and naturopaths, and gone through many tests and procedures trying to find the root of my problems. No one could ever find the reason for my gastric issues or knew how to treat it. I have spent years dealing with terrible discomfort, sometimes to the point of tears. I never gave up trying to get help though. I knew there had to be someone out there who could help me. And then I found you. Your treatment has made a huge difference in my life already. Your book is so full of wonderful information. I really enjoyed reading it. I can't thank you enough for your help and kindness. I would still be suffering if it weren't for you.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Relieving Sciatic Nerve Pain

  Bowmann’s Bowen Therapy is a form of bodywork with a primary objective to remove pain and conditions by restoring the structural integrity of the body. It is a powerful modality, which addresses the neural (nerves) and the structure (bones) of the body by stimulating the different levels of the nervous system: central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous system.
  The philosophy of this therapy is that the body is a self-regulating energetic system that will continue to regulate itself as long as it has the reserve energy necessary to do so. As the technique releases the imbalances throughout the body, there will be a direct impact on the proper functioning of the various systems of the body.
  The technique is one of remarkable simplicity and much of the difficulty around accepting its efficacy lies with accepting that such a minimalistic approach can be so beneficial, especially when one is used to extensive amounts of hands on therapy. The gentle moves on soft tissue stimulate energy flow, empowering the body’s own resources to heal itself. It is safe to use on anyone, from babies to the aged. It frequently produces lasting relief from pain and discomfort. Orthodox and alternative therapists have been generous in their praise of this technique.

  Some of the responses I have received are:

“I walked in with a great deal of sciatic pain. The treatment you gave me made such a difference. I felt just a little better right after the treatment, but within hours I felt a great deal of relief. My second treatment was even better - two days later I was painting our bedroom! Everyone who saw me just barely moving around before was amazed that I was so mobile so quickly, and without pain!” — Christa, 51
 “I received relief from chronic low back and hip pain after my first treatment. Other symptoms (TMJ & carpal tunnel syndrome) are improving with subsequent treatments.” — Sandy, 61
“My tendonitis (both arms) was 95% relieved after one treatment. My menstrual pain was also relieved after three treatments.” — Pam, 28
“I have had less severity and less frequency of migraine pain since starting these treatments.” — Teri, 49

  How could this be? As one “strums” the muscle, the nerves deep within each one (called proprioceptors) begin to “vibrate” and send information to the brain as to the state of pain, dis-ease, or health within that area. Patterns are followed to address the body part (such as the leg) in a comprehensive manner. A rest period is given to allow the brain time to integrate the information before moving to another area of the body.
  It is often felt like the body is “unraveling” the stress during and after a session. It may take up to five days for all the effects to be felt, however, change is frequently noted soon after the treatment. When one can rest or nap after a session, the results are even more profound and rapid. While resolution might not be complete with two sessions, relief comes quickly. And resolution is possible.
You can learn more about Bowmann’s Bowen Therapy as well as purchase the Bowen Technique Course on DVD at

Monday, August 22, 2011

My leg cramps have disappeared!!!

How those little "plucks" could make such a big difference is amazing to me. Bowmann's Bowen is such a gentle treatment with phenomenal results. I've only had three treatments. Not only has my neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain practically disappeared (80%) but my leg cramps are gone too; and I didn't even tell you about that.

Whatever your doing, keep doing it! I'm looking forward to being a "new woman" as you pluck away the stress and "unravel" me. Thanks, — CS

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Severe Constipation Affects All: Natural Help for young, old, and ages in-between.

Medicine only considers 'it' constipation if one doesn’t eliminate at least every three days. It’s interesting to note that one can be told, 'It’s normal for you' when you eliminate twice a week, and then follow a natural program and begin having daily elimination and be told, 'It's normal for you.' What's normal? Maybe your normal is every 3 days, but is it healthy? I don’t think so.  Nor is it comfortable. While our dogs and other mammals poop daily, shouldn’t we.
When one eliminates daily or twice daily, there is more energy and vitality and less of a feeling of bloat and lethargy. While gas can have many contributing factors, it is also part of constipation, as is bloat and being tired. Food that takes more than 24 hours to go from eating to elimination is in the gastro-intestinal tract too long.
Last week I received a call from a client whose mother is 97 years old, having suffered with life long constipation. We had discussed my program and her mom started the simple things to help her bowels move more regularly. 6 weeks later I received a phone call and her mom’s words were shared, 

“I haven’t had a normal bowel movement in so long, I’m in shock. Dr Victoria’s program works.”
My next case is about a 6 year old boy who had hard stools and would cry because he didn’t want to use the toilet, “It hurts.” The mother observed the child for a few days and reported on the specifics of his situation: he only wanted to use the toilet at his home; he wouldn’t go at school or anyone’s home. Even though he is a twin, his brother and a younger brother have easy daily elimination. We discussed an appropriate program for him and within two days he is eliminating – easily and daily. He is now almost 9 years old.
There are many things that can contribute to constipation: not drinking enough water or eating enough fiber. Those seem to be common suggestions that have helped a few but not most.
However, the solution isn’t that simple. Think of it like a puzzle and we need to fit in all the pieces. There are guidelines, however with anything one must then individualize the program.
When one looks at the numerous (hundreds) of products, how does one know what to choose? So we try something, maybe it works for a while and then becomes ineffective. Or it causes cramping and discomfort. Do you know why? Or does one just stop that product and try something else. It’s almost like “constipation roulette” 
Perhaps a different way to approach this problem is to learn about the natural alternatives available, become an educated consumer, and then select the solution most likely to help you and your individual situation. The kinds of questions one needs to ask themselves might be: Do I get leg cramps or am I restless at night in bed? Do I feel like I need to have a bowel movement but nothing happens? Do  my guts feel like they’re asleep? Does stress cause me to just not be able to go? What do my stools look like: Are they hard and lumpy or more like marbles or pellets? What have I tried and how was it supposed to work? What kind of medicine am I taking and what are the side effects? Does my elimination change during my menstrual cycle?
Certainly, there are guidelines that apply to everyone, however, age matters. A gentle approach is best for babies, children, and the elderly. Someone that is sensitive to chemicals or has been somewhat fragile much of their life would go slowly in any program. While those that are robust, fit and strong could handle a more rapid pace to their program. The basis is to know what to do and why, and then go at a speed that allows for success without discomfort.
You Gotta Have GUTS was written with the consumer in mind. Learn a tried and true method for relief and often resolution of these problems. More than 30 years of clinical experience and research supports a natural solution to severe constipation, as well as many other bowel complaints, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). There is help available just by reaching out for knowledge. One can learn the contributing reasons for the difficulty and possible solutions with great rewards.
Comfort. Energy. A sense of Well Being.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

90% less pain - I'm amazed!

Hi Victoria, I was at your office for a Bowmann's Bowen treatment two days ago. You asked me for some feedback. It's been two days now and I have to say that I'm amazed! My pain is 90% better and just a twinge remains in my shoulder. The deep pain that has been in the middle of my back by my left shoulder blade is gone. It was there for so long. I am so grateful. This evening, I will see the friend that referred me to you and tell her how thankful I am for the referral.
Thank you so much!
Have a blessed day,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Natural ways to ease severe constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, bloat and digestive discomfort; the importance of gastro-intestinal care.

The news is frightening: Colon cancer is the 3rd most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world. Constipation is common: The incidence of constipation varies from 2% to 30% of the general population. Due to unsatisfactory results from medical treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, 50% of people turn to complementary alternative medicine. Clostridium difficil sickens about a half million Americans every year, and every year the epidemic gets about 10% bigger, according to a CDC medical epidemiologist. The death rate is soaring by 35% a year.
Now there's an owner's manual for the health-conscious individual, the book details the composition of the intestinal tract and how to effectively, and holistically, maintain digestive health. Victoria Bowmann, a pioneer in probiotic research releases her first book, titled You Gotta Have GUTS, an explanation of the inner workings of the human digestive system and its important role in overall well being.  
Some of the topics covered are: physical characteristics, functions and possible complications in the digestive system, proper nutrition and exercises to enhance GI function, bacteria, parasites and environmental toxins, dealing with chronic illness and finding help, home remedies that are easy and beneficial, as well as documentation and research for physicians.
Good-humored and enlightening, You Gotta Have GUTS will entertain even the most apprehensive readers, educating them about the generally unpleasant topic of the human digestive system, its constituents, and functionality. Interlaced with Bowmann's avant-garde research on the method of "Reflorastation," the process of reintroducing healthy bacteria into the colon, is vital information on overall gastro-intestinal health.
Many people only look for help when things go drastically wrong. However, it's nice to know that this information is actually of interest to younger people too: 
"I am a 17 year old high school student at Chaparral High School in Paradise Valley, Arizona. My mom got a book from Victoria Bowmann called "You Gotta Have Guts" and she thought it was totally brilliant. I was curious about what the big deal was, so I decided to give the book a look. Before I knew it, I was really into it. It was so clear and easy to understand. It taught me so much but it was totally understandable. I really wish that we had a book like this in our science program that is so educational but never boring. It would be so awesome to have a book like hers so that we could understand how to take care of our digestive system BEFORE we develop crazy problems, while we're still young and haven't totally messed up our bodies yet. I just felt very strongly about this and thought how great it would be to have this in our schools and do something proactive for us kids. Thank you. Becky"
"Most people don't fully understand the importance of digestive health," explains Bowmann, "In fact, many people still feel slightly embarrassed or uncomfortable seeking information on the topic because it's perceived as 'distasteful or gross.'  With colon cancer on the rise,40% of the public struggling with gas, bloat, diarrhea, constipation or some other digestive complaint, it's time to alter this sentiment.  The purpose of my book is to educate and encourage everyone to take a proactive approach.  Quite simply, gastro-intestinal health is fundamental to overall health and longevity."

Friday, May 13, 2011

To a Gutsy Lady

"Sometimes we don't know what we need to know until we read it ! Thanks for all the great information in your book, You Gotta Have GUTS" Sincerely, Meli

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Join me tonight

Sharing information is what it's all about. Check out and join me at 5:15 PDT - May 10, 2011 - for an interview with Michael Ray Dresser. We'll be having fun, join me.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I was admittedly skeptical...

...when I tried your Reflorastation Home Kit. Please forgive me, you see, I had tried EVERYTHING to win the war: The battle between the good and bad bacteria. For years, my candida was winning. (I don't want to even think about the money I spent taking oral probiotics.) Your kit worked wonders. I had some die-off, with two consecutive kits, but it was manageable and I'm doing GREAT! I read in your book that the "cocktail" was specially formulated by you and tested by a prominent physician for safety and potency. This gave me reassurance and, now, results. Thank you Dr Victoria, not only for your expertise, but for your kindness.
-- Amy in Scottsdale AZ

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I really like your book, and am excited to try your products!!

Cleansing is an exciting process when one realizes the toxic state of our world. Especially with the turmoil in Japan and the radiation leaks, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The intestines are at least 60% of ones' immune system so it always helps to keep these organs (small intestine and large intestine) in good order.

Whether one has good digestion and elimination or suffers from some condition, one can always offer additional support. My book: You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to GI Health will offer help for chronic or severe constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, even those struggling with ulcerative colitis. This approach has helped those with diarrhea, and travelers problems whether it is diarrhea or constipation.

It always gives satisfaction to hear from those who have purchased my book and find such value. One can become much more in charge of their health with knowledge. And You Gotta Have GUTS is all about empowering others with knowledge. As MS states, "I'm excited to try your products!"

Happy cleansing. Let me hear from you. :-)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“You are so unique!!”

"If I had known I would feel so good, I would have come to see you sooner. After struggling with my bowels for years, I'm going 2 or 3 times each day and I've only had two treatments. Thanks so much.
You seem to do everything with joy, kindness, love and neatness. I so respect that. I look forward to feeling better and better."

Friday, February 18, 2011

“I love your book”

"Dear Vicki
You have been such an anchor for my healing. Whenever I feel distress in my GUTS, I go into the bathroom and read on your book. It gives me such hope and practical help. The neat thing is that the advancement of new techniques and technology is because of those that challenge the status quo. I'm so glad you have done the research and development to help so many.
Hugs, AF"

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hospitals are germ givers.

While hospitals are life savers, they are also germ givers. So be careful. One of the serious ones is "Clostridium Difficile" which is called C. Diff

From the Mayo website it states, "C. Diff is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. difficile most commonly affects older adults in hospitals or in long term care facilities and typically occurs after use of antibiotic medications.

"In recent years, C. difficile infections have become more frequent, more severe and more difficult to treat. Each year, tens of thousands of people in the United States get sick from C. difficile, including some otherwise healthy people who aren't hospitalized or taking antibiotics.

"Mild illness caused by C. difficile may get better if you stop taking antibiotics. Severe symptoms require treatment with a different antibiotic."

So what are my thoughts: The downside of antibiotics is the destruction of the healthy bacteria which keeps us well by being a part of the immune system and participating in some very important functions. 

As a holistic practitioner I have an important thing to suggest: Reflorastation. The treatment can make a big difference. With C Diff, there are several things to do. One of my colleagues, who suffered with "recurrent C. Diff" and was finally treated in my office, wrote an informative booklet on C Diff. His name is Robert Kaplan, MD and his booklet is on The products for treatment are available thru
You can contact Victoria Bowmann PhD for further information and suggestions.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a nice complement!

I just love the benefits one receives from Bowmann's Bowen treatments. I'm amazed (although I shouldn't be) at the things I hear and the thanks I get. One lady who was suffering with plantar fascitis and migraine headaches came for her third treatment. She was doing her stretches daily and following the other suggestions I had made. As I began to work, she commented that she hadn't had a headache in over a week, but got one today.

The treatment is so gently but effective. As I finished the last part, she fell asleep on my table. (That's always a compliment). And a few minutes later, she got up and said, "Wow, I had headache when I got here, and now it's gone. I feel great. I'll call you when I need another treatment. Thanks."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Questions to ask before choosing a colon cleanse:

 1.  The frequency of bowel movements is:

A.  2 or more times a day

B.  Once daily

C.  Almost every day

D.  2-3 times each week

E.  Maybe once a week


2.  Which of the following do I experience (check all that apply):

A.  Burping or belching

B.  Indigestion

C.  Bowel gas

D.  Bloat

E.  Frequent abdominal pain

F.  Occasional pain


3.  Do I use any of the following to help my bowel movements (check all that apply):

A.  Over the counter products

B.  Herbs or teas

C.  Suppositories

D.  Enemas

E.  Fiber or fiber supplements


4.  Is my bowel movement:

A.  Hard and lumpy

B.  Like marbles or pellets

C.  Soft and unformed

D.  Formed, easy to eliminate

E.  Skinny and flat

F.  Splatty and loose


5.  How much time do I spend on the toilet:

A.  30 minutes or more

B.  Maybe 5 minutes

C.  I'm in and out in a minute or two

D.  I hurry to find a toilet when I gotta go

E.  I know where every bathroom is because of urgency.


6.  When I travel, my bowels:

A.  They are just the same

B.  They hardly ever move. I wait until I get home.

C.  I take something (laxatives, herbs or enemas) to have a bowel movement.

D.  Traveling gives me diarrhea.


7.  I take medicine for:

A.  Blood pressure

B.  Diabetes

C.  Pain

D.  Anxiety or depression

E.  Sleep

F.  Other medication, please state what condition you have.

 If you would like Dr Victoria's opinion on a cleanse, email your answers to her.





Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Endorsed by Doris J Rapp MD

I received her latest book: 32 TIPS that could Save Your Life. In it she wrote:

Special for Dr Victoria Bowmann

Few -- very very few -- have your level of expertise in so many areas of medicine. Phoenix is fortunate you "nested" here. Bless you for all you've done, are doing and will do for so very many to keep them well and healthy --

With sincere appreciation, Doris J Rapp MD

Monday, January 10, 2011

Find Out Where Toxins Hide and How to Remedy Them

My dear friend and colleague, Doris Rapp, MD has written one NYTimes best seller in the past and has a new book entitled "32 Tips That Could Save Your Life". We now have epidemics of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, depression and ADHD. Everyone needs to know what in their homes might be a possible cause. 
Every so often there is a "must read" for everyone. I just got my copy and the information has so many practical applications. Where I am working to clean up the toxicity within the individual, she has pointed out where our "little nests" (called home) are teaming with toxins. If we clean up our homes, we won't have so much cleaning to do on our bodies. 
It's my pleasure to pass on her site:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

#1 Question for Dr Oz

Did you watch the new Oprah network (OWN) a couple of days ago? The panel consisted of Dr Phil, Susie Orman and Dr Oz. Previously, they had informed the viewers that the panel would be answering questions sent in by email.
The number 1 question for Dr Oz was: "What do I need to do to poop?" From New York City to San Francisco, from south Texas to Minnesota, the #1 question was, "Please, Help Me Poop!"

Kim was a lady who was following his suggestions, and 5 days later, she still hadn't had a bowel movement. She was miserable.

Preventive care has an answer. My research and application of a multifaceted program has helped thousands get control of and eliminate "regularly” on a daily basis. If you'd care to learn the answer, check out my website, get a copy of my book: You Gotta Have GUTS, or get in touch.