Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Candida - Yeast - Decreases With Reflorastation

In the early 1990s I worked on a lady with a high level of Candida. After 4 colonics, she was willing to do a Reflorastation with healthy probiotics. Twelve days later, her naturopathic physician decided to run another stool test to see what the numbers were like. To her amazement, the candida in the stool was "0" - no yeast isolated. Also, the lab decided to culture the stool to see if it would grow yeast and 7 days later, there was still no yeast. This was an exciting discovery for me.

After all these years, the struggle with candida continues for so many. Certainly we need to look at heavy metal toxicity. We need to adjust our diet to reduce sugary foods. Homeopathics can support the body in moving the right direction. There are other guidelines to follow that a health professional can discuss with you. However, one very effective method of lowering the levels is to support the immune system by refortification of the bowel with rectal probiotics. It only takes a couple of minutes, it can be done in the privacy of our home. At Home Colon Kits are easy and effective.

PS: Page 57 in You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health has information on these "At Home Kits". You can also purchase this book at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reversing Constipation in Children

Here's a recent testimonial regarding the use of Colon Reflorastation Therapy on a young child.

“I just wanted to update you on Summer's progress (Summer is a 3 year old girl).  After your reflorastation treatment she began taking true fiber and liquid magnesium daily and with that we saw hints of improvement but it was not until we added a daily serving of the High Fiber cereal from Trader Joe’s that we saw a dramatic turn around.  She went from as many as 9 days between agonizing bowel movements to now going with ease as often as twice a day. This is a miracle and we praise God for His leading in finding solutions for Summer's trouble and for healing her.  Dr. Bowmann, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and for helping me to find a plan of action for treating Summer, you have blessed us greatly. Thank you.”