Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weight Loss Guided
by Gut Bacteria

Influences Appetite Regulating Neurons

© 2016 Victoria Bowmann, PhD

Imagine having your appetite regulated by your guts! That’s the latest findings published in the journal Cell Metabolism. The good bacteria in your gut controls two things: when you eat and how much you eat. We’ve heard that it takes 20 minutes to begin to feel full and now we know why. At 20 minutes after eating a meal, these bacteria produce proteins that influence our appetite regulating neurons, which communicate with our brain. These are called satiety hormones.

There are other beneficial things that the gut bacteria regulate. Our immune system dramatically improves, we are better able to produce and assimilate nutrients, and they protect our intestinal cells from inflammation. Many diseases are associated with an imbalance in the gut microbial environment (microbiota). Effective use of probiotics can restore this unbalanced state. Health improves and weight regulation can also improve with healthy gut flora.

While many take probiotics orally, it isn’t the most effective way to rapidly change the environment. Digestive processes frequently interfere with the viability of the probiotics. Using a suppository will be effective and also efficient. In the last 25 years, I have pioneered this procedure, which is simple and easy to do for yourself, in the privacy of your own home! It’s called an “At Home Colon Kit.”

Certainly, this isn’t the only factor for weight loss; however it is an exciting one. Just like many things, a multifaceted approach can bring about easier and better results. Using a positive mental attitude, healthy eating habits, exercises that you enjoy are important. The key to being even more successful might just be in your gut.

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