Monday, May 17, 2010

Bowmann's Bowen - Simple Techniques with Remarkable Pain Relief

“Dear Victoria,  I took your course - Bowmann's Bowen - a few years ago & have been busy using the techniques along with my usual  healing & have gotten wonderful feed-back.  So I thank you for sharing the Bowen method for people to learn. I have watched the CD till it's almost worn out (haha). Sorry I haven't kept in better contact. I will try to do better.  Again, thank you.

Light & Love
Faith B.”

Friday, May 7, 2010


“For the first real time in 12 months, I have had a regular bowel movement after having diarrhea for 12 months!! Not only that, but after only 2 [reflorastation] treatments, my energy level is increasing, brain fog is lifting, my lower extremities aren't cold anymore, gas & bloating are diminishing and my digestive system feels better (my depression is lifting...and I'm also sleeping better).
I am so happy that my I found Dr. Bowmann's book at my homeopath's office and came to see her.
I have been sick for a year with parasites in the colon. What a breakthrough I'm experiencing in only 10 days...!! I thank God I found Dr. Victoria Bowmann.