Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Are What We Don't Eliminate

  When we look at the pieces which compile a healthy life, we think of eating organic foods, exercise, rest, sunshine, and taking our vitamins. However, many times we neglect working on our elimination. Our body then stores toxins in cells, organs and glands.
  How do we observe toxins? First is fluid retention since our body is trying to dilute them. Second is yeast which protects us from heavy metal poisoning. Third is excess mucous which is secreted in the respiratory and digestive tracts against allergens and irritants. And fourth is fat which encases and stores the toxins.
 There are four ways we eliminate toxins from our bodies. Two are primary and two are secondary. We discard liquids from our blood stream through our kidneys and bladder. Our colon is the avenue which removes solid wastes. When these are working efficiently, we don't need to rely on our secondary systems which are the lungs and skin.
  The lungs attempt to detoxify our blood by throwing off or "out-gassing" toxins which we experience as odorous or putrid breath. The skin (the largest organ of the immune system) acts like an "extra" kidney. We see this as oozing eruptions, pimples, or blemishes.
  When the lungs and skin are needed to detoxify the body, the best approach is to clean and fortify the colon. In this way the primary systems are functioning correctly and the lungs and skin can return to their primary purposes.
  Positive change depends upon numerous factors such as age, vitality and length of exposure to toxins. A younger person might have greater reserve energy than someone older. A more recent exposure often has faster results than a chronic long-term or long-ago situation.
  When detoxification is done efficiently and safely, it can be quite effective in bringing about a greater sense of well being and increased energy to enjoy life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Protect Yourself From Toxins!

Common household chemicals have an adverse effect on one's health. We sometimes call them "sick buildings" or "indoor air pollution." By learning about these toxic chemicals, one often changes the way in which they live. Just because a product in on the market doesn't make it safe. We are each responsible to read the labels. In fact, many that work in maintenance and operations for commercial business are required to take a class with the purpose of knowing the necessary special handling of each product. The have risk and workers might be required to wear gloves, goggles or even a respirator when using a particular chemical. 

How many of us use these same chemicals at home without knowing the level of toxins or taking precautions to protect ourselves. AND, what about the lingering effect on our family and especially children. 

When one is looking at shampoos remember that sodium laurel sulfate is responsible for making things foam or bubble, however this strips the skin and hair of it's natural oil and moisture; which impairs proper blood circulation to the scalp. This toxic petroleum based degreaser (yes, it's a degreaser) has been found to cause improper eye formation in children according to Dr Keith Green at the Medical School in Georgia. 

One should also avoid propylene glycol or methyl and propyl paraben. These are generally present in every shampoo, soap, and cleaning product on earth. This can contribute to premature hair loss. Research at the NIH (National Institute of Health) have found that methylisothaizoline (MIT) can cause neurological system damage. Remember that these chemicals can penetrate the skin. Even though skin is a barrier for our protection, chemicals can penetrate and increase our toxic load.

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