Thursday, December 23, 2010

One's Sewer Within vs Compost.

How often does one think of their bowel as a smelly sewer? The gas emissions are rank, the straining to find some kind of results or the frequent urgency that makes life difficult. This might be normal for someone, but it isn't healthy.
If you've ever seen vegetables left in the plastic bag too long in the bottom of the refrigerator, it begins to rot, get slimy, and smell. The same thing can happen to one's bowel if elimination is poor, or the contents aren't healthy. The kinds of things that disrupt the environment of one's colon is poor choice in foods, medication (especially antibiotics and pain medication) as well as flu and food poisoning.
Just like a compost pit that recycles our kitchen scraps of vegetables and fruit skins, it takes proper microbes, water, warmth, and frequent "turning" of the contents. And when one's ready to use this material in their garden, the "soil" now feels rich and warm, full of life giving nutrients for our flowers and vegetables.
So how can we change that environment of our colon or bowel to have comfortable elimination. One must look at the foods we eat and the combination of foods we put together. Then we need to realize that putting probiotics into the "pit" can have a tremendous influence. The most effective method is to go directly to the source, which is rectally. It's such an easy procedure, only takes a minute, and the delivery of probiotics is 100% since none are lost in the digestive process. Within an hour, our personal compost kit is working in our favor - bringing about greater health.
If you'd like to know more, email me.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Fold Approach to Holistic Health

   There is a three fold approach that embraces the Spiritual, Mental or Emotional, and Physical aspects of our existence. Let's take a look at each one of these as it pertains to vital living.
   Spiritual: many are quick to say they attend church or temple or some form of worship. The spiritual aspect of holistic health has nothing to do with the beliefs of any particular religion. Instead it is the component of our soul, our relationship to the Divine of our own understanding, and living the principles in our daily life. One might look at the way they conduct themselves in personal and business situations, and ask if this is a manner in which their personal God would be proud of their actions and words.
   Mental / Emotional: This aspect deals with the reactions and responses one exhibit as they interact with others. Each one carries baggage from our childhood and previous life experiences. By looking at these circumstances and resolving them, we can begin to enjoy a higher level of emotional health. One can become responders to life, instead of reactors to encounters. Another tool is working with a qualified practitioner or attending a group with a purpose of personal growth. One valuable method is outlined in the book: You Gotta Have Guts: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health, chapter 18. A writing exercise called "disclosure writing" gives directives to the habitual mind as it clears and cleans away the baggage of one's past and current challenges.
   Physical: There are many different pieces of the physical components to holistic living.
·      Does one balance work and play and rest?
·      What is the quality of food one consumes to fuel the body?
·      Are the supplements selected of high quality and effectiveness?
·      Are exercise and bodywork a part of one's program?
·      Has cleansing been considered for the colon and liver?
   It has been said, "Death begins in the colon". Antibiotics, food poisoning and intestinal flu contribute to this. Proper cleansing can reverse these situations. As we mature in body, mind and spirit, one expands their experiences to include many of these items. In so doing, we honor the temple given to us for this earthly experience.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Development of Reflorastation

by Victoria Bowmann, PhD
During the years that I had been a colon therapist from 1978 to 1991, there were times that I felt that I wasn't doing a complete job. Certainly the quality of my colonic was as it should be, however it was difficult for individuals to completely resolve their bowel issues. It was at this time that I began to challenge and question the extent of my education. 

I came across an article written in the Lancet December 24-31, 1983. The Lancet is a prestigious medical journal published in the United Kingdom. The title of the article was titled: "Rectal Infusion of Bacterial Preparations for Intestinal Disorders." In this study there were four patients treated: two patients with chronic constipation, one with constipation as a result of an influenza like syndrome, and one with your will bowel syndrome which diarrhea and abdominal pain. 

The rectal infusions of about 150 million bacteria suspended in 50 ml saline were given once a day for 3 days. Bowel function promptly returned to normal in all four cases and remained normal (one or two normal stools a day) without further treatment.
As I contemplated this medical article I realized, that from a holistic point of view, I was doing an incomplete job. While I was doing a very good job of cleaning out the colon during my colon hydrotherapy sessions, I was not restoring the environment of the colon to a healthy state. One of the holistic physicians who referred clients to me was Abram Ber, a licensed homeopathic medical physician. 

One morning, I went to his office and asked if we could talk for a few minutes. During this time I brought a copy of the Lancet article to him and discussed my desire to advance my colon hydrotherapy sessions. Obviously, I wasn't interested in using feces from a healthy donor but rather the introduction of probiotics; which are readily available in capsule form. It was decided to begin with Lactobacillus and Bifidus, since these are the two prevalent beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. 

My first attempt at Reflorastation was with a close girlfriend, Arlene, with a lifetime history of chronic and severe constipation. She had tried many things to resolve this including: dietary changes such as food combining, vegetarian diet, macrobiotic diet, as well as exercise programs such as yoga, and being an active tennis player. She also drank plenty of water and tried any other reasonable suggestion that others offered. This woman was also an active member of our holistic community.

When I brought my ideas to Arlene, she was willing to become my first research subject. In fact, she helped to design the methodology in which the treatment is administered. Due to her extremely slow transit time, it was decided to do two colonic hydrotherapy sessions on consecutive days prior to the introduction of the Lactobacillus and Bifidus.  

Together we devised a way to suspend of the bacteria in water and administer it through an enema tube into the rectum after her second colonic. The following day she had no bowel response. However, on day two she had a normal healthy bowel movement. This response continued for 13 days, at which time she missed one day for having a healthy bowel movement. The following day, her bowels began moving correctly again. 

When I returned to Dr. Ber's office and shared this research, he commented that we had a breakthrough in helping others with chronic constipation with a natural holistic approach. It was decided at this time that he would refer patients for two colon hydrotherapy sessions on consecutive days to be followed with one bacterial introduction of these two probiotics. He evaluated his patients six weeks later and noted the health progress improvement was more than he previously had seen. 

It was at this time that our definition of Colon Reflorastation crystallized. It is as follows:

Colon Reflorastation is the introduction of healthy intestinal bacteria supplement into the rectum, which delivers it into the sigmoid flexure of the colon. After one hour of retention, it will colonize the bowel; three days later, it will be stabilized. This health procedure is only designed to reinforce the homeo-dynamic balance of the bowel flora. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

A hypothesis is a proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. Dr. Ber and I decided to continue our investigation in the beneficial effects of replacing the healthy bacteria removed during a colonic irrigation.

Stages of Development: Reflorastation

The next step was to accumulate as many varieties of bacteria as was available to health professionals. Not only did we select the greatest variety of bacteria but also the same bacteria from different manufacturers. Some of the bacteria were available as a single strain; others were in combinations of several types of bacteria.

It was necessary to determine a single unit for testing purposes. One capsule could be one unit. Since several products that were being tested came in powder form, I determined that a certain quantity of this powder constituted one unit. These were place in amber glass containers, sealed and labeled with only a number. In this way there would be a blind component to the study, since the doctor testing the product and the patient being tested would not know which product was being evaluated.

A worksheet was also developed in which the testing physician would note which numbered bottle tested positive and what quantity of single units was needed. When a patient came for treatment, my research was to chart which products were needed, what quantity was needed, and determine the total quantity of bacteria being administered in the Reflorastation. In addition to this, I also noted the diagnosis and did a written follow up questionnaire at two weeks.

There were four questions on the questionnaire. They are as follows:
  1. Did you have any difficulty holding the infusion? If so, how long did you hold it?
  2. When did your pals begin moving after the infusion?
  3. Did you have any detoxification symptoms? (Flu, etc.) How long do they last? Please explain:
  4. In what ways, if noticeable, do you feel better? Make comparisons to be for the treatment if you would like.
This questionnaire was sent to each patient 14 days after their treatment. It included a self-addressed stamped envelope for their convenience. About 95% of the patients returned the questionnaires. With this information, I was able to begin the development of protocols to help different conditions. 

The testing was done with a machine called EAV: which stands for electro acupuncture by Voll (see definition from

This testing method is as follows: a probe is placed in one hand which connects to the EAV device, one of the patient's feet is placed on a pad which also connects to the device, the testing bottle is placed on a metal plate, and the physician uses a fourth probe to connect with an acupuncture point on the patient's hand. These four connections complete the circuit. A needle on the EAV device will indicate the patient's response to the testing bottle that is on the metal plate.

From this indication, the physician determines if this testing substance is correct for the patient. If so it was indicated on the worksheet as well as how many individual units of that substance was to be administered in their treatment. Over a six-month period of time I charted each of these treatments. I was able to determine the bacteria needed, the most responsive bacteria, and the brands that had the highest quality of bacteria.

By this method, each patient had a custom formula of bacteria. However, I also noted that certain products and certain strains of bacteria were frequently needed. It was at this time that I developed a bulk formula for general use. This formula was comprised of those bacteria that tested positive, necessary, and important in 90% of the patients in this six-month study.
During this testing time I noted that certain diagnosis and conditions had a greater need and affinity for certain bacteria. In an extremely ill patient, it is important to test the specific bacteria. However in most cases the bulk formula is extremely effective in returning the environment of the large intestine to its healthy, vital, natural state.

It became more important to continue my studies in gastrointestinal health. The average human body consists of 10 trillion cells. Even more amazing is that the intestines hold 10 times more bacteria than the number of cells in our body; that's more than 100 trillion bacteria. The concentration of bacteria increase as it moves through our gastrointestinal tract. It is measured in CFU/g, which stands for "colony forming units per gram". This is a more accurate way of expressing the quantity instead of the number of organisms.
In the stomach and duodenum there are 103-104 CFU/g. In the upper intestine, the jejunum, it increases to 105-107 CFU/g. The ileum is part of the small intestine just before the colon where the bacteria concentration grows to 107-108 CFU/g. In the colon, it increases again. It is estimated at 1010-1012 CFU/g; which is how we arrive at 100 trillion bacteria in our intestine.
The microorganisms that normally live in the digestive tract can perform a number of useful functions. Though widely known as the intestinal "microflora" this term is technically a misnomer. The root word "flora" pertains to plants and "biota" refers to microbial life such as bacteria other than plants. It has also been called "microbial flora." Recently the more appropriate term " intestinal microbiota" has come into use. Scientists are moving toward the use of "microbiota" even though it has not eliminated the use and recognition of "microflora" as it pertains to intestinal bacteria.

It is important to remember that the functions of the large intestine are more than the elimination of fecal material. When there are ample quantities of viable probiotics, the effectiveness of these functions is maximized. They include:
  1. The production of certain nutrient including B12 and vitamin K.
  2. The absorption of nutrients missed by the small intestine.
  3. The blocking and binding of toxic materials from the contents of the digestive tract.
  4. Recycle water and bile.
  5. Decompose the chyme (food stuff) into fecal material.
  6. The production of butyrate as a principal fuel for the colonic epithelial cells.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Purple Stools

This almost sounds like Dr Seuss:

"I wonder why I haven't seen,
A purple stool from inside of me."

Our bowel elimination during a colonic will tell a practitioner many things about the workings of the GI tract. Mucus can be seen on the stool, and the color is determined by many factors. Red meat eaters will have a dark brown stool, whereas those that eat fish and fowl will have a medium brown stool. Vegetarians will have a tan stool but it will be "colored" with the types of food they eat.

If a vegetarian juices lots of carrots, the stool will be orange, beets will turn it red (almost cerise in color) and taking green drink or chlorella will make the stool greenish tan.

So a few week ago, a regular client came in for his routine treatment. And what did I see but a purple stool.

After a moment of questions, he admitted to two things: eating a pint of blueberries and drinking beet juice. Mystery solved.

And I must say: "I think I learn something every day."

There's so much value in cleansing and rejuvenation. Check out the Cellular Detox and Colon Cleanse as well as the At Home Colon Kits.

"I always take one quick glance,
A healthy stool will make me dance."

Friday, October 8, 2010

I’m Visiting From England

I met such a lovely lady this last week.

LN has spent that last 6 weeks in the US - four weeks on the east coast, the last two in Arizona and the next two weeks on the west. She emailed me hoping to set an appointment for a Bowen treatment.
"I've had Bowen for 10 years, and my back is hurting from all the different hotels beds. Can you help?"
Two days later was her session. I understood her pain, since she suffers from a spinal curvature called "scoliosis". As I began my "little plucking motions" she sighed and relaxed into the massage table.

As she left, she hugged me and said:
"Bowen always works for me, and your treatment was divine. Thanks."
What a lovely lady to meet and perhaps when I make it across the pond, I'll visit her homeland too.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Balance is the Answer

In our world of instant messaging and fast foods, one doesn't necessarily like to look at moderation and balance. “We want it now!” is a frequent mantra. One of my friends is on the “energy saver plan” for electrical use and from 3 PM to 6 PM, he needs to cut his usage. He takes this time to shut off the computer, and all the other devices and actually “become analogue” in his behavior. He's taking this time to meditate, goal set, actually read a book (not an eBook either), and teach himself a new language. One can turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees, remove some excess clothing and enjoy a cooling glass of iced green tea.

Perhaps we have become so “techie” that we've lost touch with our beautiful world. By bringing balance back into our daily lives, one actually regulates many of their functions. When one eats their meals with consciousness, the flavors are richer and tasteful. When one walks a preserve trail, it’s a time to breathe in the richness of the desert and all of her beauty. Not just walk the walk, but embrace the entire walk, like the lizard that darts under the mesquite bush or the cottontail rabbit that scurries out of the way.

Bringing this balance into our health is equally important. One can find greater vitality by routinely taking the time to cleanse. Early winter is “liver cleansing time” according to the body meridians. Consider taking an appropriate supplement to support the detoxification pathways of ones liver as well as colon irrigation and reflorastation with multiple probiotics. This strengthens the immune system so that one goes into the fall and winter with less susceptibility to colds and flu. While we might not be thinking of winter yet, the body's rhythms are recognizing the changing of the seasons; so it's time for us to honor our processes and bring balance into our life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Gotta Have GUTS has so much information

Dear Dr Victoria

When I was in your office for my treatment, I picked up the office copy of You Gotta Have GUTS and began reading parts of your book. WOW. I didn't purchase a copy at the time. I took my "homework sheets" with me and several articles you had written and read through every word. And only then did I realize that I needed all the information in your book.

So, (as you know) on my second treatment I bought a copy and you even autographed it for me. I never thought that my "guts" would be such an inspiring read, but you have done that, and so much more.

You have written information I didn't even know I needed to know about: you have helped the entire range of colon problems: severe constipation, irritable bowels, parasite cleansing, liver cleansing, and those without colon problems who have other health problems. You've helped babies that are brand new and elderly in their much later years, and dogs and cats too. It's good to know that you'll always be able to help me!

Thanks for taking the time to write about a very sensitive topic, make it interesting, and help me
understand how precious and special my guts actually are.

See you when I need you,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simple technique for remarkable pain relief:

This morning was an excellent day because I received this email:
“I promised that I would tell you my success stories. This week I have had too many stories to write down. The common denominator for all of the stories is that with just a few 'Bowen' moves, people look up with wonder and ask where the pain went. ‘That's just Bowen’ is the only response I have to that.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge of this wonderful work.
Sincerely, GM”

I'm so proud to offer a DVD program that most anyone can apply in a short amount of time. The DVD is close up and clear video. The menu allows one to practice one section over and over until they feel comfortable with that section. The "big" words - that is medical terms - are in the manual. So on the DVD, I use common landmarks like “cap of the shoulder” or “notch in the throat” - however, for the practitioner that wants the technical information, it is in the manual. 

What I really like are the two wall charts - they are “cheat sheets” so you can look at them to refresh your memory and not forget an important move. (Usually when learning a new technique, I have to prop the manual on the back or abdomen and try to work. By having wall charts, one quick glance shows me the move and direction.) I laminated mine at the local print shop and stapled them to my wall in my treatment room.

Check out the products page, as there is a special offer - take advantage of it today. Offer your family and friends pain relief from: back pain, shoulder pain, sciatic pain, even headache pain. Bowmann’s Bowen is easy to learn and wonderful to offer to others.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I wish I had found you sooner!"

That comment is such a compliment to my work. I'm always appreciative when I receive such praise. But mostly I'm grateful that the work I do is effective.

Efficient is doing the job right.
Effective is doing the right job.

Virginia came in to see me with a sore right side: the hip, the low back, even her shoulder hurt. I gave her one Bowmann's Bowen treatment, taught her how to stand up evenly, and gave her a short homework assignment. (Drink lots of water, walk if you feel like it and wait until next week.)

Well, today was next week and everything is doing so much better. The right hip didn't hold completely, but it's so much better. (I guess that's why I suggest a second treatment.) As she was leaving, she said those magical words. "I wish I had found you sooner."

Isn't the important thing to find it now. To get relief for low back pain, shoulder pain, especially frozen shoulders, sciatica pain. Any kind of pain. Give it a try. Check out the services at

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cleansing and Rejuvenation

   One is so often bombarded with pollution, adulterated food laced with antibiotics and pesticides (yes, even our organic food is rained on by acid rain) and congestion. As these stresses mount, many people experience symptoms such as headaches, rashes, increased allergies and / or environmental illness. Some have severe constipation, others have skin rashes and eruptions, and then there are those yeast infections, which are called candida, or candidiasis. This can show up as a vaginal discharge or yucky white film on the tongue, called thrush. (Even babies get thrush and they are miserable when it occurs. More about babies later.)
   What can actually be done? Detoxification is a valuable way to rid the body of many of these toxins, but let us not forget to rebuild our cells in the process. I think it would be hard for each of us to "clean the garage one day, the attic the next, the basement the day after, and finally till the garden after that." Perhaps that seems like a strange comment here, but I see many individuals who don't take sufficient time to rebuild, rest and rejuvenate between cleansing periods.
   Let's take a look at a possible approach to cleansing. First of all, one would best assist the body by starting any program with thorough colon irrigation followed by an appropriate infusion of intestinal bacteria (At Home Colon Kit). I developed an easy application of this, called "Reflorastation." When this is included in the treatment, or done in the privacy of one's home, the large intestine is ready and willing to carry off the debris after its completion of the decomposition of food.
   Next, one would need an evaluation to determine the priority of cleansing what organs and in what order. One person might have weak kidneys, another a sluggish liver or malfunctioning gallbladder.
  Then a suitable program can be started. After cleansing a particular organ or system, time should be devoted to rebuilding it. Proper nutrition and supplementation can do this. Systematically, one can then address the next organ or system until we have completed the process. Routinely, or annually, depending on exposure can also help determine the frequency of cleansing.
   When one is nursing a baby it is important to not cleanse, rather to rebuild with good nutrition, as this will impact the nutrients given to one's baby in the mother's milk.

Case History: I have seen many cases of improved bowels and health in babies when the mother has a Reflorastation. Within three hours, the baby begins to settle down their digestive upsets, thrush has lessened, they sleep peacefully. One such baby had been up all night, she was only 3 weeks old, and her mouth was filled with thrush. Even though the parents were giving her medicine from the doctor, everyone was miserable. I treated the mother and she nursed her baby about an hour later. The fussiness lessened but only slightly. However, 3 hours later, she nursed again. Baby promptly fell asleep after burping, and slept for 6 hours. She awoke happy, gurgling, and bright eyed. Mom had passed the strength of the reflorastation to her baby.

   In this way, one can honor and care for their body by keeping it as pure and vitalized as possible.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Revitalization Through Colon Infusions

   The sigmoid colon as well as the rectal mucous membrane possesses (like all other mucous membranes) an extraordinary capacity to absorb administered substances that will transfer rapidly into the blood stream without degradation, decomposition, or neutralization. The primary benefit to anal-rectal administration of therapeutic agents is the avoidance of degeneration caused by hydrochloric acid from the stomach and digestive juices.
   Colonics are a universal technique – utilizing water as a vehicle to eliminate wastes and toxins immobilized in diverticula pockets or stagnated in the colon due to slow or poor peristalsis. After the colon has been competently cleansed of its wastes, the introduction of well-selected infusions can be advantageous to the individual's health.
   Many people may already be familiar with colo-rectal infusions. Dr Ann Wigmore suggested wheatgrass because of its powerful ability to purify the intestines. Dr Max Gerson's cancer therapy has utilized coffee enemas, which stimulates contractions as well as bile production and activates the evacuation of the liver's toxins.
   In 1991, I began the pioneering work of infusing probiotics (acidophilus) to bring homeostasis back to the colon. The positive benefits were almost miraculous. These infusions powerfully assisted in the regulation of bowel function, including chronic constipation, traveler's diarrhea, and conditions like irritable bowels or yeast overgrowth.
   Vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and herbals are available for infusion as well. In the presence of certain bowel disorders such as colitis, parasites and hemorrhoids, suppositories might also be used.
   Research from Switzerland is resolving problems with flower essences when conventional methods have failed. Essential oils (aromatherapy) are popular in New Zealand, whereas, the Japanese use sesame oil infusions to increase the elimination of intestinal toxins. It is interesting to note the different oils (sunflower, linseed, walnut, etc) have varying therapeutic properties.
   In Spain, trace elements have been used with positive results. We now have specially formulated intra-rectal nutrients, which are completely utilized. Since one of the disadvantages of taking supplements by mouth is the heavy concentration of these vitamins being eliminated in the urine, rectal administration can assist those who are struggling with nutrient deficiency or seeking greater vitality.
   Like all other health related therapies, a consultation with a competent health care practitioner is recommended prior to these valuable treatments. Each one of these modalities has a time tested track record and specific areas of effectiveness. When appropriately selected, they may assist in raising your health to a greater level of vitality.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Power of Probiotics

  Most people do not realize that we should have more healthy bacteria in our bodies than we have cells of our bodies. While some beneficial bacteria live in the upper digestive tract, the beneficial micro-flora mostly live in the large intestine where they manufacture certain nutrients such as Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin K. They also absorb nutrients the small intestines might have missed. From a protective standpoint, they block the absorption of toxins that our body wants to eliminate. Next, they help us recycle water and bile. By recycling water, we will have less dehydration. Since bile can be reused to emulsify fats and oils, the colon supports digestion. Finally, the bacteria assist in the decomposition of our digested food stuff, called chyme, into fecal material.

  When we have constipation, or irritable bowels, diarrhea, excess gas and bloating, we probably have bacteria that is putrefying in our gut. By using the Reflorastation Therapy, we can rectally introduce good bacteria and affect the intestinal environment in a beneficial way. Candida yeast overgrowth will be reduced with this treatment. Diverticulitis can be soothed. Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea can often been relieved with reflorastation. Digestion is assisted by healthy probiotics.

  At Home Colon Kits are available for the convenience and comfort of use. When these kits are kept in the refrigerator they have a life span of at least 18 months.

Case History:  A 35 year old healthy man (fireman by occupation) had suffered with daily loose bowel movements, excessive gas and bloating. Even though a gastroenterologist ran "every test possible" they were all inconclusive. It only showed inflammation and irritation in the large intestine. I administered one colonic with reflorastation therapy. He left with hopeful reservations about the possibility of a normalcy. Later, I received the following note: "It has been nearly three weeks since my procedure and I just wanted to drop a note to say I appreciate what you do! I have never felt so 'normal' in a long time. What you have done for me is given me back my life. I am not afraid to leave the house for extended periods of time. I can also enjoy my job a lot more now. I genuinely thank you.

In my book, You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health, chapter 6 "The Menagerie of Bacteria" is all about the value and healthy bacteria in our intestines. This is a must read. Check out to order your copy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Repetitive Stress Relief and Chronic Pain Relief

  Our world and the speed with which is revolves seems to be getting faster and more demanding. Today we make phone calls and handle appointments on the way to work. Whether it is a text message to confirm something or a late night email to complete a communication, we seem to always be on the go.
  The over use of our bodies, particularly our arms and hands, is expressed as pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, wrists and hands. This may be diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. or headaches, or upper back pain. even shoulder pain. Those that spend lots of time on their feet, especially in one stationary position, complain of pain in the low back, thighs, calves and feet. Sometimes this is diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. or sciatic pain. or low back pain. No matter what the name is, any of these can cause sleepless nights and extreme distress.
  There are various methods to address these conditions. I have found two forms of therapeutic body work which gives consistently successful results. One is a muscle plucking method which was developed 50 years ago in Australia. As the muscle is plucked (like a guitar string is plucked) a vibration is created within the nerves found deep inside the muscle. This vibration begins to unravel the tensions and stress. A pattern of movements, with rest periods between each sequence, addresses the various parts of the body. Relief usually begins with the first treatment, however 3 or 4 sessions may be needed to regain full use without pain. Back pain relief. Sciatic nerve pain relief. Carpal tunnel pain relief. Cluster headache relief, any kind of headache relief.
  The other method was developed about a dozen years ago in Colorado. It is a stroking pressure combined with a stretching technique which progressively releases the recoil of an overused or damaged muscle. This recoil concept is like a muscle cramp which drives you out of bed from the pain. The treatment method requires the person to also practice specific stretching techniques to maintain the increased flexibility and integrity of the muscle achieved during a treatment. Several sessions may be needed depending on the severity and longevity of the condition, although some relief is often achieved with the first treatment. Foot pain relief. Severe back pain relief. Neck and headache pain relief.
  Although the methods are quite different in technique, they can each be highly successful for severe and / or chronic pain. For those suffering from our modern day world's repetitive use, there is help. And it is only a muscle pluck or stroke and stretch away.
  For those wanting to learn the plucking technique, check out Bowmann's Bowen - simple techniques with remarkable pain relief.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Are What We Don't Eliminate

  When we look at the pieces which compile a healthy life, we think of eating organic foods, exercise, rest, sunshine, and taking our vitamins. However, many times we neglect working on our elimination. Our body then stores toxins in cells, organs and glands.
  How do we observe toxins? First is fluid retention since our body is trying to dilute them. Second is yeast which protects us from heavy metal poisoning. Third is excess mucous which is secreted in the respiratory and digestive tracts against allergens and irritants. And fourth is fat which encases and stores the toxins.
 There are four ways we eliminate toxins from our bodies. Two are primary and two are secondary. We discard liquids from our blood stream through our kidneys and bladder. Our colon is the avenue which removes solid wastes. When these are working efficiently, we don't need to rely on our secondary systems which are the lungs and skin.
  The lungs attempt to detoxify our blood by throwing off or "out-gassing" toxins which we experience as odorous or putrid breath. The skin (the largest organ of the immune system) acts like an "extra" kidney. We see this as oozing eruptions, pimples, or blemishes.
  When the lungs and skin are needed to detoxify the body, the best approach is to clean and fortify the colon. In this way the primary systems are functioning correctly and the lungs and skin can return to their primary purposes.
  Positive change depends upon numerous factors such as age, vitality and length of exposure to toxins. A younger person might have greater reserve energy than someone older. A more recent exposure often has faster results than a chronic long-term or long-ago situation.
  When detoxification is done efficiently and safely, it can be quite effective in bringing about a greater sense of well being and increased energy to enjoy life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Protect Yourself From Toxins!

Common household chemicals have an adverse effect on one's health. We sometimes call them "sick buildings" or "indoor air pollution." By learning about these toxic chemicals, one often changes the way in which they live. Just because a product in on the market doesn't make it safe. We are each responsible to read the labels. In fact, many that work in maintenance and operations for commercial business are required to take a class with the purpose of knowing the necessary special handling of each product. The have risk and workers might be required to wear gloves, goggles or even a respirator when using a particular chemical. 

How many of us use these same chemicals at home without knowing the level of toxins or taking precautions to protect ourselves. AND, what about the lingering effect on our family and especially children. 

When one is looking at shampoos remember that sodium laurel sulfate is responsible for making things foam or bubble, however this strips the skin and hair of it's natural oil and moisture; which impairs proper blood circulation to the scalp. This toxic petroleum based degreaser (yes, it's a degreaser) has been found to cause improper eye formation in children according to Dr Keith Green at the Medical School in Georgia. 

One should also avoid propylene glycol or methyl and propyl paraben. These are generally present in every shampoo, soap, and cleaning product on earth. This can contribute to premature hair loss. Research at the NIH (National Institute of Health) have found that methylisothaizoline (MIT) can cause neurological system damage. Remember that these chemicals can penetrate the skin. Even though skin is a barrier for our protection, chemicals can penetrate and increase our toxic load.

In You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health, chapter 8 is called: Toxic Pollution -- Cleansing Solution. There's lots of information available to direct safe and effective cleansing. Order from or

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Candida - Yeast - Decreases With Reflorastation

In the early 1990s I worked on a lady with a high level of Candida. After 4 colonics, she was willing to do a Reflorastation with healthy probiotics. Twelve days later, her naturopathic physician decided to run another stool test to see what the numbers were like. To her amazement, the candida in the stool was "0" - no yeast isolated. Also, the lab decided to culture the stool to see if it would grow yeast and 7 days later, there was still no yeast. This was an exciting discovery for me.

After all these years, the struggle with candida continues for so many. Certainly we need to look at heavy metal toxicity. We need to adjust our diet to reduce sugary foods. Homeopathics can support the body in moving the right direction. There are other guidelines to follow that a health professional can discuss with you. However, one very effective method of lowering the levels is to support the immune system by refortification of the bowel with rectal probiotics. It only takes a couple of minutes, it can be done in the privacy of our home. At Home Colon Kits are easy and effective.

PS: Page 57 in You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health has information on these "At Home Kits". You can also purchase this book at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reversing Constipation in Children

Here's a recent testimonial regarding the use of Colon Reflorastation Therapy on a young child.

“I just wanted to update you on Summer's progress (Summer is a 3 year old girl).  After your reflorastation treatment she began taking true fiber and liquid magnesium daily and with that we saw hints of improvement but it was not until we added a daily serving of the High Fiber cereal from Trader Joe’s that we saw a dramatic turn around.  She went from as many as 9 days between agonizing bowel movements to now going with ease as often as twice a day. This is a miracle and we praise God for His leading in finding solutions for Summer's trouble and for healing her.  Dr. Bowmann, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and for helping me to find a plan of action for treating Summer, you have blessed us greatly. Thank you.”

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bowmann's Bowen - Simple Techniques with Remarkable Pain Relief

“Dear Victoria,  I took your course - Bowmann's Bowen - a few years ago & have been busy using the techniques along with my usual  healing & have gotten wonderful feed-back.  So I thank you for sharing the Bowen method for people to learn. I have watched the CD till it's almost worn out (haha). Sorry I haven't kept in better contact. I will try to do better.  Again, thank you.

Light & Love
Faith B.”

Friday, May 7, 2010


“For the first real time in 12 months, I have had a regular bowel movement after having diarrhea for 12 months!! Not only that, but after only 2 [reflorastation] treatments, my energy level is increasing, brain fog is lifting, my lower extremities aren't cold anymore, gas & bloating are diminishing and my digestive system feels better (my depression is lifting...and I'm also sleeping better).
I am so happy that my I found Dr. Bowmann's book at my homeopath's office and came to see her.
I have been sick for a year with parasites in the colon. What a breakthrough I'm experiencing in only 10 days...!! I thank God I found Dr. Victoria Bowmann.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Amy in Scottsdale AZ:

"I was admittedly skeptical when I tried your Reflorastation Home Kit ... please forgive me, you see, I had tried EVERYTHING to win the war; the battle between the good and bad bacteria. For years, my candida was winning. (I don't want to even think about the money I spent taking oral probiotics.) Your implants worked wonders. I had some die-off, with two consecutive kits, but it was manageable and I'm doing GREAT. I read in your book that the "cocktail" was specially formulated by you and tested by a prominent physician for safety and potency. This gave me reassurance and, now, results. Thank you, not only for your expertise, but for your kindness." :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hospitals Grow Big Germs

An infectious disease specialist at Duke University Medical Center presented research on March 20 2010 on infection in health-care facilities. MRSA (a drug resistant staff germ) is often seen as the biggest germ threat to patients in hospitals and other care facilities. However, C. difficile also deserves attention. It is spread by spores in feces, is found in the colon, can cause diarrhea and also colitis. These spores are difficult to kill as they are resistant to some antibiotics. Death from C difficile is rare, but a more dangerous form has emerged in the last 10 years. In a study from 2008 and 2009, C difficile infections were 25 percent higher than MRSA infections.

From a holistic point of view, support of the intestine with reflorastation helps the body's immune system fight the fight. Often, it takes up to five applications to resolve the situation. Freedom from C Diff by Robert Kaplan MD is a great read for understanding the holistic approach. Check out the ebook on
My research and development of the rectal reflorastation began in 1991. Many have found great relief to all sorts of bowel discomforts.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What You See Is What You Ate!

Republished with permission from EXPLORE! Publishing
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© by Victoria Bowmann PhD

As a practitioner, one looks at blood, and sputum, and urine for insight into the workings of the patient's systems. However one generally does not ask questions regarding the stool. Maybe this is because the patient won't be able to answer the question; maybe it is because we are not familiar with the information the stool can give.
There are two aspects to address: the appearance of stool in the colonic sight tube and the appearance of stool in the toilet.

Through The Looking Glass:
As a colon-hydrotherapist, it is interesting that clients do not look at their stool but want to look at the sight tube. This is an opportunity to address many aspects of digestion from observation. The first thing that is apparent is gas. Since there is always gas in the rectum, this is eliminated first. In fact, by removing it before introducing any water, it is easier to start the flow of water into the colon. Excessive gas is painful as it moves through the colon, especially into the organ if an enema or colonic is administered.
Gas simply looks like bubbles, although the size of the bubbles and the quantity will indicate something about digestion. It could be from beans and legumes or the cruciferous vegetables. A vegetarian will have more gas than one that eats any form of animal protein. The vegetarian diet has larger amounts of complex carbohydrates from legumes and grains that contribute to the flatulence.
Excess gas could be from the lack of sufficient enzymes to digest what is being eaten or from poor food combinations. A small quantity of gas will always be present since it is a by-product of even healthy digestion.
The next form of gas that is quite interesting is what I consider to be an indicator of candida. The bubbles are foamy and look like "beer foam". Since one knows that beer is made from yeast, if there is excessive yeast in the colon, it presents itself in this manner. Sometimes it is throughout the treatment, sometimes it releases in one burst of material as if a pocket loosened during that phase.
Mucus is present during a colonic. Since the GI tract is comprised of mucus membranes and mucus is frequently swallowed from the respiratory tract, there will be mucus. (If one were to blow their nose and then look into the tissue, it could be stringy, or yellow, or watery.) This stringy and yellowish mucus is visible during colonics. Consumption of dairy or allergy foods also increases the mucus. When a person tends to congestion, allergies, or inflammation, there is more mucus since the body is producing mucus as a protection. When one tends to be dry and brittle there is less mucus.
One might think of the differences between a Mucor racemosus patient and an Aspergillus niger patient: one is more moist; the other dry. The Mucor individual will present with greater quantities of mucus.
There are times that the bottom of the tube will have "grains of sand". In speaking with a naturopathic physician, information was shared that in one case, the sand was tapped off and found to be flecks of heavy metals. I cannot validate this, only share another practitioner's comment.
Undigested food is another visible substance. Patients are quite amazed when one asks about the success of chewing food. I have identified unchewed sliced mushrooms, corn, peanuts, skins from apples, grapes and red potatoes, pieces of nuts such as cashews, seeds of all types such as sunflower and parts of pumpkin seeds. They are amazed at how quickly food is identified in the stool.
There are some items that rarely get completely digested such as the little seeds in zucchini, or kiwi and tomato seeds. It seems that no matter how well someone chews, these are not able to be ground up by the teeth. The skins are also difficult to chew completely, however the other items were simply not masticated sufficiently. There is little value to eating something if our chewing and digestion can't make the nutrients available to our body.
When a person juices fruits or vegetables, the colors will often show in the sight tube. Watermelon and beets have a crimson color and green drinks of all types will show green. The shade will vary depending on the depth of color of greens. A predominance of carrots will give an orange tinge, just as one would expect.
Bulking and cleansing agents also show in a treatment. The more fiber one consumes whether in foods or by supplements, the greater the flow of material. Psyllium has a particular appearance, looking somewhat gelatinous. If enough bentonite clay has been consumed it will show its color. Charcoal gives a specific grayish black tint to the stool. This is different from the color of dried blood in one with upper GI ulcers.
Pressed tablets are a definite problem that I observe more frequently than I would like. I have seen complete tablets and partial tablets pass through the sight tube. When asking about supplement consumption, one is able to isolate those that the body doesn't break down. Perhaps it is the coating that is applied to keep the tablet stable, or perhaps it is poor digestive juices.
In my practice, I have a man who works for the waste treatment plant. During a session we discussed undigested tablets. One of his work duties is to dredge off the tablets and have them assayed to determine what they are. Some supplement companies have a greater prominence for not digesting than others. It is for this reason that I suggest capsules, gel caps and liquid supplements wherever possible.
Once the stool is in the toilet, what it does and what it looks like are very important too. If this is gross, just think of it in a clinical way -- like biology in high school. A quick glance is all it takes and after every elimination. Could it be described if one's physician asked? There are going to be close correlations between what is seen in the colonic sight tube and what is seen in the toilet.
The color of the stool is dependent on the foods eaten. A vegetarian will have a light tan stool, although the color will be influenced by the diet. If a large quantity of beets is eaten, the stool will be red tan, carrots will cause the stool to be orange tan, and greens will create a green tan.
A diet with moderate amounts of protein, such as fish and fowl, will have a slightly darker stool, although it will still be tan. The color is less influenced by other foods.
A heavy meat eater who consumers large quantities of beef, lamb, pork, or game meats such as venison will have a dark brown stool. This is due to the amount of bile needed for the digestion of fats, which is also responsible for the color of our intestinal contents. However, if the stool looks like an "army green" stool, the colon probably isn't absorbing the bile in a normal way. This is the time to investigate how well the liver is working and consider a liver cleanse.
Is there undigested food? Some foods are easy to recognize, such as corn or watermelon seeds. Little seeds from tomatoes and kiwi don't usually digest, so these are of no concern unless a person suffers from diverticulitis. If there are distinguishable foods in the stool then chewing and digestion are functioning poorly.
Now observe the size. For an adult, the diameter is healthiest at about a quarter in size and uniform from end to end, perhaps slightly larger for a tall, muscular person. The total length depends on several factors: the size of the person, the quantity of fibrous food eaten, and the frequency of elimination. One person may have a large elimination each day; another person may have two or three smaller ones. Some people have a large elimination in the early morning with a smaller bowel movement after either lunch or dinner. Some people have a bowel movement after every meal. This is considered ideal although it will take a change in food and increase in fiber.
If the stool is thin or flat there could be restrictions in the colon. A thin stool is often called a "pencil stool" since it is about the diameter of a pencil. This is because one or more areas are not allowing the stool to pass through or expand to the healthier size. They might get a label of "linguini stools." These are the ones that are flat and small in size. Again, there is possibly a restriction in some area of the colon. Nervous individuals frequently have these types of stools.
Sometimes there is mucus in or on the stool. Intolerance for or allergy to cheese and dairy products might be the culprit. It might mean there is a respiratory (think sinus) or digestive infection where the body is generating more mucus to protect itself. Often the extra mucus is swallowed during sleep.
If there is a bowel movement soon after a meal and it is composed of what was just eaten, the transit time is too fast. These stools are often broken into pieces, almost like runny diarrhea. There is often urgency to eliminate. One might have a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Now that one has observed what it looks like, one needs to look at what it does once it is in the toilet bowel. A healthy stool should float just slightly, and below the waterline, breaking up minimally. It is composed of 60% fiber from our foods and 40% bacteria. It needs water for moisture and mucus to promote ease in elimination.
If there is excess fat and oil in the stool or incomplete digestion of the oil and fat, the stool will float above the water line or leave a residue on the porcelain sides of the toilet bowl. After all, oil does float on top of water. If a stool sinks into the bottom of the toilet, there is excessive protein in the diet, the toxic load is high, or heavy metals are being eliminated. If the stool looks like little marbles or rabbit pellets, the intestinal bacteria is of poor quality and quantity.
Flatulence, or bowel gas, is another aspect of elimination. Everyone has some since it is a by-product of digestion, with vegetarians having the greatest amount. However, an excessive amount of gas is an indicator that something is out of order.  Excessive gas may be the overgrowth of yeast, which is also called candida. This is a fermentation problem that can be fed by sugars in the diet, or simple refined carbohydrates that break down rapidly into sugars.
The odor of the gas will also indicate possible problems. When there is putrefaction due to pathogenic or bad bacteria, the bowel gas will have very unpleasant odors. Putrefaction means the final breakdown of food is not occurring correctly. It is rotting inside instead of fermenting and decomposing correctly. There are excessive unhealthy bacteria contributing or causing the problem.
One quick glance at the bowel movement can give vital information that might make a difference in overall health at the time and in the future. And that is worth a glance. Once one knows what a healthy stool looks and acts like, one can strive for a healthy response. A colon in good working order will exhibit optimal elimination.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

© By Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D., USA

Republished with permission from EXPLORE! Publishing
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Electromagnetic energy from the Sun bombards the Earth. Our Sun orbits around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Electromagnetic energy beams from the heart of our galaxy. This confirms the presence of a super massive Black Hole, a million times denser and four million times larger than our Sun. Gama, x-ray, infrared and radio waves are emitted from the Galactic center and affect the electromagnetic fields of our Earth and all inhabitants on it. Fortunately, science has found ways to harness many of these energy waves to the benefit of our health, comfort and enjoyment.

When considering the lymphatic system, most focus is on the vessels and nodes. Lymph is the interstitial fluid found between the cells of the human body. It enters the lymph vessels by filtration through pores in the walls of capillaries. It then travels to at least one lymph node before emptying where it mixes back with blood. The primary lymph systems are the thymus gland and bone marrow. This is where the immune cells form and mature. One’s secondary lymph system has both encapsulated and unencapsulated diffuse lymphoid tissue. The spleen and the lymph nodes are the encapsulated tissues. GALT (gut associated lymphoid tissue) and the tonsils are the unencapsulated tissues. However, one must include the intestines since at least 60% of the lymphatic system is in the intestines and the skin since it is the largest organ of this system. The lymphatic system is our immune system.
One might view this system as a stream with rocks in the stream. A congested system would see the fluid like molasses, incapable of much movement. A healthy system would see the fluid like water gently flowing around the rocks.
Lymphatic fluid can leave the vessels and wander amongst our cells in the interstitial fluid (ISF). If blood were to do this, it would be a bruise. However, lymph can and does move in, along and about, cleansing away debris. Water and solutes can pass freely between ISF and blood by a process of diffusion across the capillary walls. Both are in a dynamic equilibrium with each other.
Whereas the blood has a pump (heart) the lymphatic system doesn’t. It depends upon two functions. One is muscular peristalsis during gentle exercise that encourages the movement of lymphatic fluid through the tissues. Second is deep diaphragmatic breathing to “pump” the cysterna chyli. This enlarged lymphatic vessel is about 6 centimeters long and is located in the lumbar region of the abdomen. It assists in the storage and movement of lymph from the lower watershed. The thoracic duct carries lymph from the upper watershed moving upward and returning to the venous circulation through the left subclavian vein.

Candidates for Treatment

Upon examination, a patient might show enlarged nodes in the throat or armpit as well as in the groin, or swelling in the lower extremities. However, there are additional visual clues that point to a congested (overloaded and overworked) lymphatic system. If one observes any kind of skin eruptions, this indicates a weakened immune system. This could be eruptions, pustules, pimples or any skin abnormality. The skin becomes a vicarious organ of elimination. Another clue is swelling on the sacrum. A triangular redness occurs over the sacrum when one has reclined on the back. This pooling of fluid suggests congestion in the abdomen and legs. Since such a large portion of this system is in the intestines, the presence of leaky gut indicates an impaired system.
Electronically Assisted Lymph Drainage

To adequately support the lymphatic system, one can administer a lymphatic drainage treatment. However adjunct treatments are also important to address the multifaceted components of this system. With the application of the correct amount and type of photo-illuminessence electronic stimulation, the lymph remains liquid and moves more easily through the system. There are three pieces of equipment used and two manual techniques to provide a comprehensive treatment. The first is a “far infrared heat lamp” which heats the body from the inside. Mild sweating begins quickly and detoxification increases. It also activates the cells, supports the metabolic process and decouples toxins from water molecules. This is used for 5 minutes on the kidneys prior to starting a treatment. Otherwise it is used to heat an area as the work is being done.
The second is a multi-wave oscillating light bulb that contains noble gas, either argon or neon. These frequencies are attracted to the water of the body. Since we are 70%+ water, it has an effect at the cellular level. These frequencies cleanse the tissues by assisting in the liquefaction and dissolution of fat; thereby releasing fat-soluble toxins into the lymphatic system and detoxification channels. These can then be moved through the vessels and eliminated in urine. The third is a frequency generator with the frequency set to 880 hertz. This is the primary lymphatic frequency and moves toxins out of the interstitial fluid. There are both wands and pads. If addressing sebaceous cysts, the wands can help dissolve the accumulated fats by gently pressing into the sides. Otherwise, use a wet cloth (or paper towel) as the pads can be placed under the cloth. This allows a larger area to be treated at one time. By combining these three in a systematic manner, an effective method of releasing toxins for elimination can be achieved.
Manual Techniques

The two primary manual techniques are extremely gentle, sometimes being called a “cat’s paw technique”. The softness and lightness with which a cat can walk gives the analogy of lightness of touch and softness of stroke. When one is working, these techniques can be explained to the patient so they can continue the work on themselves daily when needed.

The first manual technique is a squeeze; which is administered in the direction of the lymphatic flow. Generally it can be done in one of two directions. One is closest to the body and moving more distal. With heavy swelling, this is preferred. Consider it necessary to move the fluid in the knees before attempting to move fluid in the ankles. Otherwise the fluid will pool and cause additional discomfort and stasis.
With little or no swelling, the squeeze technique can be from distal to central. However there is timing: with one hand squeezing before the other. When we are working distal to center, the most distal hand squeezes first, then followed by the other hand. When we are working center to distal, the center hand applies the technique first.
The second manual technique is a circular motion in the direction of lymph flow. Because the body isn’t linear, this gentle motion supports the movement in an organic form. These movements follow the direction of the flow of the vessels. Both hands work together for this technique. There are variations of these techniques. The importance is a light touch, in the direction of lymphatic flow. One can also gently brush the skin with a touch as soft as a feather duster, stroking toward the center of the body. This is the best technique to teach the patient, especially those with severe edema. When the patient contributes to the process by applying some of the techniques, a faster response is noted. In one of my cases, a gentleman presented with extreme discoloration (almost black skin) and swelling. Amputation had been suggested. I only had two weeks before they left for their homeland. During the four treatments, I taught his wife the manual techniques. I received word about a year later. She had worked on him daily. His skin had returned to a normal flesh tone, the swelling was gone and he had avoided amputation.
When evaluating a patient, one needs to ascertain the strength of the kidneys. They need to be as open and strong as possible. For a weakened individual or one with impaired kidneys, a treatment can still be done. The length and intensity needs to be reduced. Otherwise there may be an increased herx reaction.
One begins by warming an area with the far infrared lamp. Since it cannot work through material, it must “radiate” on bare skin. Uncover the area and place the lamp head at least 12 inches above the area. Typically a 45 minute treatment can be done daily, heating any part of the body from feet to head. I use this for the entire treatment even though it is longer than 45 minutes. It is important to remember that the eyes must be closed when the lamp is placed above the face. It brings wonderful healing heat to the sinuses, however it can dry out the eyes. They must be kept closed or covered.

Once the skin feels heated, the multi-wave oscillating frequencies are begun. The wand has a light bulb with noble gas, usually neon, which is stimulating. Make contact with the skin and use a slow soothing motion. Pressure isn’t necessary other than to keep contact. These frequencies will penetrate as much as 3 inches into the body. The direction of motion is irrelevant although practitioners usually work in the direction of lymphatic flow. Some pressure with the flow, a lighter touch moving away, but always keeping contact. Although there is no need for a carrier lotion, a layer of organic aloe vera gel is a nice application. (It can be warmed.) This reduces the “sparks” when touching the skin. This is very important when working on children especially those with autism. If needed have a water bottle (warm) available to spritz the skin with moisture. This will keep a stronger connection between the frequencies and the skin. A three to five minute application is common. The frequency generator is used last. Place two wet (folded) paper towels on the skin. Be sure they do not touch, as the frequencies will flow between them when the machine is turned on. The length of time for this portion can be 5 minutes, 3 minutes or 1 minute. Three or five minutes are the usual application times. If there are “feelings” like when one’s foot falls asleep, the area needs more moisture. Spritz the cloth with water until the patients “feels” nothing. This means the frequencies are going into the tissues, not skipping across the skin. To complete an area, dry the skin and manually move the lymph in the direction of its flow. One can use either technique first or alternate between the two. One must remember the greater the fluid retention, the longer the manual techniques. One minute is usually sufficient. With keen observation, one can see movement of fluid just under the skin as the vessels can be contracting rhythmically.
Begin the Treatment

The patient lies face down. It is important to heat the kidney area before beginning with any frequencies. Five minutes is suggested. This insures the filtering of impurities is optimal. Often a patient will need to void urine during a treatment.
We begin on the mid-back, moving to the upper back and over the hips. It is important to follow the drainage patterns. Lymph capillaries form a network over the entire body. The drainage of lymph is interconnected as most of the fluid drains toward the nearest node.

The patient now turns over face up. The abdomen is uncovered and the oscillating frequencies can begin at the same time as the far infrared heat lamp. Notice that the drainage pattern goes upward above the naval and downward below the naval. The XX is the placement of the cysterna chyli.

The axillary lymph nodes are very important to keep the breast clear of congestion. There are between 20 and 30 lymph nodes. They are arranged in the following groups:
  • brachial lymph nodes are lateral
  • pectoral axillary lymph nodes are anterior
  • subscapular axillary lymph nodes are posterior
  • apical lymph nodes are medial or subclavicular
  • central lymph nodes
It is best to start with the left since the thoracic duct will move this fluid first. Complete the work on the right axillary lymph.

The inguinal lymph nodes clear the legs and pelvis of congestion. There are approximately 10 superficial lymph nodes that drain into the deep inguinal lymph nodes. There are approximately 3 to 5 deep nodes. These form a chain immediately below the inguinal ligament.

The facial lymph nodes are concentrated around the ear (occipital and parotid lymph nodes), below the cheek bones (mandibular lymph nodes) and just above the clavical (cervical and supraclavicular lymph nodes). It isn’t necessary to take our equipment above the hairline as they penetrate at least 3 inches into the tissues. By draining these areas, the vessels throughout the face and across the skull will also drain.

The treatment is now complete, however the work has just begun. The first 24 hours will move a large quantity of fluid. Those with fluid retention will find the need for frequent urination and the urine may be dark and odorous. Therefore it is important to impress the patient with the need to drink additional water.
Support Treatment

The first support treatment for lymphatic drainage is the colon reflorastation with healthy probiotics. This will strengthen GALT and boost the body’s ability to handle detox or herx reactions. It isn’t necessary to do this on each treatment but it is important to do it the first time and at least every 3 months with ongoing treatments. On two of the illustrations (abdomen and head) there are XXs. These points discovered by Frank Chapman, D.O. are areas that can be gently stimulated to continue the flow of lymphatic fluid. Start at the left armpit and use small soft circles to rub the Chapman lymph point. Continue with each point going from left to right. It should take about a minute. Then using three fingers, gently “poke” the point above the umbilicus and below the xyphoid process. This is a technique that will “squeeze” the cysterna chyli and pump the lymphatic fluid. 10 or 12 gentle pokes are sufficient. The patient needs to do this hourly on the day of treatment and at least once per day thereafter.
A detoxification bath should follow each treatment. Epsom salt is an excellent product as long as magnesium isn’t restricted as it can be absorbed during the bath. At least one cup is used in a regular sized bathtub, two cups in a “garden” size tub. Soaking for up to 20 minutes with skin brushing at the end of the bath with stimulate additional toxin release through the skin. This should be done before bedtime on the day of the treatment. There are more sophisticated baths that incorporate far infrared energy, ozone from ambient air, natural ultrasound and negative ions. These appliances supports deep cleansing as it unbuckles toxins and pollutants within the body. Although unnecessary for one’s lymphatic treatment, it can provide ongoing lymphatic support. Leaky gut (see Explore! for the Professional, Vol 18 #5, Three Aspects of Leaky Gut) will continuously contribute to lymphatic congestion. It is important to address this condition while embarking on a lymphatic cleansing protocol.

There are several forms of exercise that stimulates lymphatic flow: brisk walking, swimming and jumping on a mini-trampoline. If exercise is too intense, it slows the lymph. Gentle muscle movement promotes this delicate flow. There are several types of equipment to assist a patient. One is a “chi” machine: while lying on one’s back, the ankles are placed in the cradles of the machine. The machine is turned on and a rocking motion occurs. Another type of machine is a “vibrational exerciser.” One stands on the base and holds onto the handles. The base has an orbital motion and a variety of speeds. There are numerous positions to focus lymphatic flow to different parts of the body.

Case History

D.G. was a 70 year old female. She had been diagnosed with lead poisoning, aluminum poisoning and malathion poisoning. Her physician was also treating her for environmental and chemical sensitivity, irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut. She has worked in a health food store for years so is very knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements and cleansing. She presented with a swollen face, dry rough skin and oozing eruptions of face, lower arms, lower legs and low back/sacrum area. The legs were wrapped in cloth diapers to contain the oozing and flaking of skin. The feet were swollen and the toes bloody, the entire body feels puffy and swollen. The frequency of diarrhea was a contraindication for a colonic. Therefore only a colon reflorastation was administered. Her physician tested for specific probiotics and the custom formula was used. She was able to retain this for the one hour. Additionally, she took one specific probiotic orally twice daily.
The cycle of treatments was as followed:
Week one: reflorastation of custom probiotics
Week two: lymphatic drainage therapy
Week three: no treatment Repeat cycle

Seven days after the reflorastation, she returned for a lymphatic drainage treatment. Because of the severity of eruptions and oozing, manual applications were not possible. The far infrared frequencies were used on each area prior to any frequencies. The aloe vera gel was gently applied around the edges and on the patches of healthy skin before the oscillating light. Not only as this is a good carrier for the frequencies but it soothed the areas. The application of the cloths (for the frequency generator) was placed directly over the eruptions without causing any discomfort or distress.

The most important area to treat was the low back. She was unable to sit or recline without pain. By focusing on this area, as it healed, she was able to increase her length and quality of sleep. By treatment three, the low back was healed, although still tender, and a greater focus was put on the extremities.

During the treatments, it was fascinating to watch the healing process. The depth of the eruptions lessened, as did the size of the areas affected.

In keeping with Hering’s Law of Cures, there was a definite order to healing. First, it was going in reverse to how the condition had presented itself. It moved from the top down (except for the extra work on the low back/sacrum) and from within out.

This photograph was taken after 10 cycles. The depth of the eruptions was less, the oozing was minimal and the patient only covered the area with a thick cotton sock. This protocol was continued for 17 cycles, at which time the skin was clear and her energy was better. It was also interesting to note that the discoloration of the skin also returned to normal. The patient is now 85 years old and doing well. She continues to avoid chemicals, fragrances and other irritants, as well as eating an organic diet and taking her probiotics. There have been only slight outbreaks on the skin, which she considers a warning sign to be more mindful of her program. This has been my most severe case. Many others have been helped as well. Fortunately, one can also choose to cleanse without having a problem thereby promoting more vitality. However, when one asks if I think Lymphatic Drainage Therapy can help, my response is “yes”.

Lymphatic stasis, edema and congestion can be relieved and the immune system can be stimulated with lymphatic drainage therapy; thereby setting up an opportunity for the body to regain greater immune function. One must remember that each person is their own healer, however our knowledge and application of this knowledge can support how well and how quickly their body responds.

About the Author

Victoria Bowmann has been a health care professional since 1978. She is proficient in many modalities, each designed to detoxify the body and restore a greater degree of vitality to the individual. She earned her Ph.D. in Homeopathy and Natural Medicine from Westbrook University in 1999, her doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 1995. Please visit her web site at Her private practice is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Please visit Victoria Bowmann’s website at for information on Colon Reflorastation “At Home Kits” for patients. (Wholesale pricing available for physicians)
Explore! Volume 19, Number 1, 2010