Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Hand Pain: Paradigm Shift gives Relief

While medicine compartmentalizes the body, one must remember that the body is one unit consisting of different systems that work together. Certainly there is importance to extended knowledge in specific areas, although one mustn’t miss the forest by treating just one tree.

Pain is caused when cells are damaged or malfunction. Damaged cells don’t function properly, therefore that can’t produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) at optimal levels. They are unable to repair or heal themselves. One might think of a cell as a factory, with ATP the energy source for the majority of cellular functions. It is required for movement and is involved in maintaining cell structure, cell metabolism and cellular respiration. ATP also has a signaling capacity that is important in both the central and peripheral nervous system.
When there is a source of pain, the cells have become inflamed or irritated. Cells then form trigger points or trigger bands. Since our skeletal system is connected by dense connective tissue (ligaments and tendons, fascia), one needs to connect the messages through the nervous system while activating ATP. Ones functional movement is directed by a healthy nervous system –> reduction of pain.

Certainly there are 3 types of pain: acute, chronic, and intractable. It doesn’t matter what kind of pain one has, pain is all encompassing. The traditional methods of treating the symptoms of pain are OTC pain medications, Rx narcotics and muscle relaxants, nerve blocks, injections, nerve ablations, TENS units, implantable devices and surgery. None of these sound particularly pleasant to me, however, these are the traditional choices for many.
To offer a paradigm shift, let’s identify the pain and treat the source of the pain. According to a study at the University of Massachusetts 2009, Biphasic Dose Response in Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), there is a 93% decrease in pain when LLLT is combined with micro electrical therapy. In the last few years, the FDA has cleared this as an over the counter device. No doctor visits or prescriptions, one can address their pain in an easy to use method. 

Recently, my friend Kevin, had severe mid-back pain from over using his muscles. Six minutes with this handy device and he looked at me and asked, “Could I have less pain already?” It’s that possible, and probably. When the pain has been long standing, it often takes repeated applications, in fact, this can be done for 30 minutes four times a day.  And that’s a lot of relief.

Ulcerative Colitis in Dogs: Natural Help with Probiotics

Many families have pets that are loved and cared for like children. They provide unconditional love just by being there. There is sweetness in coming home to be met by our favorite furry friends. Most are cats and dogs; a few are horses, or farm animals; some are exotic like birds and reptiles. Nevertheless they fill an important part of our lives.

There are many similarities between humans and other animals. As humans, we have more advanced thought processes and we have levels of consciousness beyond other mammals. Animals on the other hand, have highly developed senses of instinct. However, we are all still mammals. This is especially true of our digestive systems.

A number of years ago, I spoke at a break out session for physicians and other health professionals in Kentucky, the land of beautiful horses grazing in blue grass. One of the physicians asked if I used only human strains of probiotics in my formulation. With a smile, I reminded him that our bodies are mammals just like our four footed furry friends. They can struggle with diseases just like we do, in fact they can get ulcerative colitis (UC) too.

Here’s my first experience with UC and a puppy. I arrived at my hairdressers for my quarterly hair cut and styling to find her sobbing about her puppy, a 10-week-old bulldog. He was bleeding out of the rectum; the vet had diagnosed ulcerative colitis and recommended putting the dog to sleep. Certainly I had empathy but I was scheduled for a haircut and could only imagine what I might look like when we were done, given her emotional state of mind.

As she talked about the puppy, I realized that my research in probiotics could give relief from symptoms in humans, why not animals. After all, I had helped my friend's Springer Spaniel. I offered to return home and fix my natural treatment for her puppy provided she give me the best haircut she had ever done. So, we began and true to her word, I got a great style.

When I returned, I spoke to her about Carlie, the springer spaniel with “hot spots” and how it cleared up overnight with these special probiotics. I showed her the little kit and gave her explicit directions. Several days later we spoke by phone. Her puppy was doing well; there was no more blood, the vet suggested waiting until symptoms returned. I suggested that she speak with her vet about a low allergy dog food of lamb and rice. It’s been nine years since that day. My hairdresser still cuts my hair and her dog is alive, well and absolutely darling.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Low back pain responds to light treatment

When technology combines two concepts, it is cleared by the FDA for over the counter use, and a Harvard study shows 93% success in pain relief, it's high on my list of something to consider. I'd like to share a story of the success with low back pain.

An assistant basketball coach from the University of Louisiana came by the LaserTouchOne (LTO) booth at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia in New Orleans.  He was complaining that he had such intense pain in his lower back that he had to ask his wife to tie his shoes each morning; this had been going on for about ten days. His athletic trainer colleagues had not been able to ease the pain and so he had made an appointment for the next day to see a physician and get a CAT scan.

This guy was willing to try anything!  He sat down in our booth so we could do a demonstration on him.  After about 3 minutes into the demo, he got up, stretched, twisted and said, “yeah, it feels better now but tomorrow morning will tell the truth”.  He left shortly after.  We encouraged him to come by in the morning so that we could do another demo on him.

The next morning, before the announcer could even declare the show was open for the day, he came BOUNDING down the aisle with a shining face and declared, “I can’t believe it! I am a new man!”.  He was totally amazed – for the first time in almost two weeks he jumped out of bed that morning and even tied his own shoes.  He was going to call his doctor and cancel his appointment. He could not thank us enough! Needless to say, he is talking to his colleagues about the LTO

The two concepts are low level laser light and micro electrical stimulation. The method of success is the combined therapy increases ATP in the cells. The important role of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is for the majority of cellular functions. It is required for all movement, it is critically involved in maintaining cell structure, cell metabolism and cellular respiration, and it has signaling capacity that is important in both the central and peripheral nervous system. When a cell stops working properly, it slows the production of ATP and is not able to heal and repair itself.

The LTO gives professionals an additional tool and appeals to the consumer for effectiveness and convenience. What a pleasure it is to have this kind of feedback in the line of work we have all chosen to be in -  it kind of makes your day. Dr Victoria has a special offer, please send an email to: and ask her what it is :-)

When you purchase your own device, you will also receive FREE the trigger point charts to accelerate your success.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yeast & Fungi - suggested uses

Yeast has many forms and women are more prone to notice this since overgrowth of yeast affects the vaginal tract. However, one can see yeast in the mouth, which is called thrush. When the openings of the body itch, one might suspect yeast. While all of us have yeast, it is the overgrowth that causes the problems. It can compromise the body's immune system making it less capable of fighting off problems.

Many things can be used to work against yeast, however one must remember that pharmaceutical medications are very hard on the liver. Homeopathics and natural remedies might not work as fast but they don't come with the side effects of medication, and they have a depth to their success.

Yeast & Fungi drops are part of a combination program to reduce the levels of yeast in the body. By putting 1/2 eyedropper full in a 20 ounce bottle of water and sipping it throughout the day, the body will have a continuous opportunity to work on the excess.

In addition to this, one can use the "At Home Colon Kit" to bring healthy probiotic bacteria to the large intestine, which strengthens the immune system. One of the major causes of yeast overgrowth is the use of antibiotics. When they are taken, they also kill the good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing yeast to flourish.

Toxicleanse - suggestions for use

The Toxicleanse remedy has value when one has been exposed to contaminants, whether the are in or on one's food or in the environment, such as sprays. Some people are more sensitive to this kind of exposure, or have impaired detoxification pathways that don't allow the elimination of these chemicals.

While some agencies say that chemicals are safe, there can be individual differences that compromise some people. In Phoenix during out summer rainy season, the county chooses to spray for mosquitoes. They do this at night with fumes belching out of trucks as they drive through the neighborhoods. I am aware of when they come through my neighborhood because I experience reactions such as foggy thinking, nausea, lack of energy and lung difficulties. It is necessary for me to cleanse and clear this from my system to regain my vitality. 

Toxicleanse is one of the first remedies I use since it is effective for getting to these chemicals. So whether one is concerned about sprays on their fruits and vegetables or sprays in our homes, workplaces and neighborhoods for bugs and pests, this remedy can be used as needed or routinely. 

One must consider the amount of exposure and degree of reaction when using a remedy. When there is a known problem, one can use drops in the mouth every 5 minutes for the first hour, then every 15 minutes, and finally 4 times per day. IF one is choosing to cleanse, then 1/2 eyedropper full in 20 ounce water bottle and sip over the day is a method of use.

Lymphohepat - suggestions for use

Wow! what a name. Let's break the word "lymphohepat" apart and figure out what it mans. The "lympho" stands for the lymphatic system, which is your immune system. It is all over your body (the little lymph vessel and nodes) as well as in our intestines, in fact about 70% of the immune system is found in our guts.

The "hepat" stands for the liver. This is the organ than cleanses the rest of the body. We can consider it our primary detoxification organ, using the urine, stool, sweat, and breath as ways to remove contaminants from one's body.

So when a remedy is designed with two systems in mind, one looks at how they work together. The lymphatic system is cleaning things on a cellular level, the interstitial fluid is involved and the liver is cleaning the contents of the gastrointestinal tract and the blood.

When adding a 1/2 eyedropper full of the remedy to a 20 ounce bottle of water and sipped throughout the day, these two systems are stimulated to do a more efficient and effective job. I suggest that once or twice a year, one uses an entire bottle (4 ounces) on a daily basis until the bottle is empty.

One can combine this with a liver cleanse or additional homeopathic remedies such as "toxicleanse" or both.

Colds & FLU - suggestions for use

   There are many ways to combat colds and flu, and the sooner one begins to use homeopathic remedies specifically for Colds & FLU, the faster the "yuckies" are resolved. At the very first sign of a sore throat, a sneeze, or a cough (you know, your typical symptoms), that's the time to begin this remedy.
   It comes with a dropper and one squirts in a few drops and holds it in their mouth for a couple minutes before swallowing. In the beginning, I use these drops every five minutes for 4 -6 doses, then going to every 15 minutes, and finally to 4 times per day. It is also important to continue to use the remedy once or twice a day for 2 days after the symptoms are gone. This allows the body to clean up the residue and be certain that all the culprits are gone.
   In addition to this remedy, one needs to increase their vitamin C consumption as well as perhaps using some herbs such as echinacea, golden seal, astralagus, or garlic. Each of these gives the body something to work with to assist the body in healing.

Bacterial Immune / Viral Nosode / Mycological - suggestions for use

   These three remedies (Bacterial Immune/Viral Nosode/Mycological)are often used in a series to stimulate the immune system against invaders that contribute to major diseases and illnesses. While they are generally not taken at the same time, they can be used in a 9 day program to substitute for vaccinations.
   Many people haven't looked at the serious side effects of typical vaccines. For more information on their detrimental effects, please visit www.Natural or My eyes were opened years ago and I support knowledge as a basis for your decisions.
   These three remedies can be used periodically, 3 to 4 times per year to stimulate the immune system. Often times, they are used before the start of the school year, during the Christmas break and again during Spring break. At any time that there is an outbreak of something in one's community, it is a good idea to redo the remedies.
   One of my friends (and her husband) decided on this method of disease prevention for their children. A few months later, an outbreak came thru their community. She redosed herself and the children, whereas her husband, declined, saying he didn't need it. Well, while the family was a tad bit puny for a few days, her husband got sick. She commented that he was a "bear" during this time, and became a believer!!
   They weathered the situation with their immune system doing what it was designed to do: activate it's own mechanism to bring about health. If you would like more information on how to legally use these for school records, please get in touch with me.

Homeopathic Allergy drops - suggestions for use

   Allergies have been a major problem for me throughout my lifetime, starting when I was in my teenage years. Having tried the traditional medical approach of desensitization drops that not only didn't work but caused additional problems, I began my search of natural approaches to resolving this challenge. While there are many things in my "holistic tool box" these drops are part of it.
   Homeopathic remedies work by introducing the energy of a substance (like pollen or bee venom) into the body so that the body can reflect on that energy. The body's own mechanism are then activated to resolve the problem for itself.
   One can think of this like looking in a mirror. The image you see is a reflection, however it is very useful when it comes to fixing one's hair or shaving off whiskers.
   In an acute attack of allergy symptoms, the drops can be taken every 5 minutes until relief is felt, then use them 2 - 4 times per day. These are very helpful during seasonal allergy attacks. For ongoing allergy problems, one might chose to look at additional support.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Relief for Degenerative Disc and Arthritic Painful Joints

Kathy - thanks for sharing this story with me. 

“I am a walking billboard for the LTO (LaserTouchOne).”  That is how my conversation started with George; let me share his story with you.

George worked in the medical device field for spinal issues for many years.  Having spent a great deal of time in surgeons’ operating rooms, he is very well versed in spine issues and all that that entails.  Despite this wealth of knowledge, over the years George politely ignored the signs of his own degenerative disc disease because he simply “did not want to know”.  When it finally started affecting his ADL (industry buzzword for “activities of daily living”), he could no longer avoid reality, he was having trouble sleeping, and so he stopped and faced the music.

George was diagnosed with degenerative discs, arthritic sacro-iliac joints, and lumbar facet joint arthritis.  He started down the road of physical therapy which helped somewhat, but not enough.  He then tried chiropractic care; that brought him to another plateau of pain relief, but again, it was not enough.

George’s therapy continued with a pain management specialist who gave him steroid injections; you guessed it – he got no relief.  He then changed to a different pain physician who was able to pinpoint the exact location of the area with the greatest pain and suggested more shots. George passed on this option, however, because of each injection can destroy surrounding tissue.  George decided to try a low-dose narcotic patch which did provide him some relief.  The downside was that the patch negatively affected his personality and that was not acceptable to him or his family.

George was then introduced to the LTO; he only agreed to try it to disprove its effectiveness.  George was certain the LTO would fail because he had already seen the best doctors and had tried their best pain-relief options.  How could a simple, handheld device do what the specialists and advanced medications could not AND do it without side effects? George thought, ‘there’s no way this will work.’

Within 30 days of first using the LTO, George had cut his narcotic patch in half.  After 30 more days, he was no longer using the narcotic patch.  He was using the LTO 4 times each day for his back and discovered that it works on his arthritic joints in his toes and base of his thumb.

When he returned to the pain clinic 60 days after discovering the LaserTouchOne, the nurse said to him “So, you’re here to refill your prescriptions.” George replied, “No, I am here to get released.” George showed the doctor the LTO and explained how it had helped him.  The doctor even borrowed a unit for 2 weeks to give it a try.  Despite George’s incredible progress, when George returned to pick up the loaned LTO, the doctor had not once taken it out of the box.

George’s story is just one man’s journey to finding pain relief through the rocky road of Western medicine.  He was fortunate though - someone showed him the LTO and he gave it a try, even if he was skeptical at first.   The pain physician George saw is still in business, still writing prescriptions for narcotics, still performing invasive procedures, still not trying the LTO.  But George is no longer the physican’s patient; George is now living his life pain-free and telling everyone his story.   

Kathy Gallivan
Vice President of Distributor Relations

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leaky Gut Support

Three organs must be supported to manage Leaky Gut. They are the Small Intestine, the Liver and the Large Intestine.
Small Intestine:
·      foods that cause allergies
·      packaged and processed foods
·      dairy products
·      caffeine and fizzy drinks
·      gluten
·      sugar, alcohol, too much fruit
·      organic food, raw is best
·      vegetables
·      essential fatty acids
·      L Glutamine
·      fiber rich foods or supplemental fiber (non gluten)
·      stevia in place of sugar or sweeteners
·      consider the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

·      Juicing, (beet, carrot, parsley, cucumber, dandelion, radish)
·      Liver/GI detoxification nutrients
·      Vegetables

Large Intestine:
   The most rapid and effective treatment of colonic epithelial cell damage is through the rectal introduction of probiotics, called Reflorastation. This method will bypass stomach low pH and the digestive enzymes. When sufficient quantities of various probiotics are present in the large intestine, the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into acetate and then into butyrate provide nutrients for the rebuilding of the intestinal lining.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Great to Have GUTS

   When one looks at the word “guts”, two thoughts probably spring to mind. One is “the mental strength of accomplish a difficult task” and the other “a part of one’s body that deals with digestions and elimination.” Considering the body’s guts might take some mental strength anyway. The lower digestion is often an avoided or overlooked function that causes many people discomfort and dis-ease.
   As I assist clients in cleansing and detoxification, one must start with the large intestine or colon; the guts. My analogy is this: “don’t clean the kitchen if the garbage disposal doesn’t work.” One might consider the large intestine like the garbage disposal since it takes care of the final elimination of all fo0d that has been eaten.
   Actually the colon has numerous functions. When there are ample healthy intestinal bacteria, it provides five primary functions for us. First, it will manufacture certain nutrients like Vitamin K and B-12. It will also absorb nutrients that the small intestines might have missed. The next function is to block the absorption of wastes and toxins that need to be eliminated.
   The guts also recycle. The two main things it recycles are water and bile. The bile is returned to the liver to be reused in the digestion of fats and fat-soluble vitamins. The second is water; which reduces the chance of dehydration. For this reason, if one doesn’t drink sufficient water, the stool can become hard and dry since the colon needs the water to keep the entire body hydrated.
   The last function of the guts is to decompose the food into fecal material. This is composting; which is the final phase of a life cycle. The material is now ready for elimination as a bowel movement.
   Some struggle with irritable bowels and some with constipation. The process of colon hydrotherapy (colonics) and reflorastation with probiotics can assist many in having healthier guts. Most individuals only need an occasional treatment depending upon health circumstances. However one looks at it, it’s great to have guts.
For more information about improving your G.I. health, check out my book "You Gotta Have GUTS!"