Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Great to Have GUTS

   When one looks at the word “guts”, two thoughts probably spring to mind. One is “the mental strength of accomplish a difficult task” and the other “a part of one’s body that deals with digestions and elimination.” Considering the body’s guts might take some mental strength anyway. The lower digestion is often an avoided or overlooked function that causes many people discomfort and dis-ease.
   As I assist clients in cleansing and detoxification, one must start with the large intestine or colon; the guts. My analogy is this: “don’t clean the kitchen if the garbage disposal doesn’t work.” One might consider the large intestine like the garbage disposal since it takes care of the final elimination of all fo0d that has been eaten.
   Actually the colon has numerous functions. When there are ample healthy intestinal bacteria, it provides five primary functions for us. First, it will manufacture certain nutrients like Vitamin K and B-12. It will also absorb nutrients that the small intestines might have missed. The next function is to block the absorption of wastes and toxins that need to be eliminated.
   The guts also recycle. The two main things it recycles are water and bile. The bile is returned to the liver to be reused in the digestion of fats and fat-soluble vitamins. The second is water; which reduces the chance of dehydration. For this reason, if one doesn’t drink sufficient water, the stool can become hard and dry since the colon needs the water to keep the entire body hydrated.
   The last function of the guts is to decompose the food into fecal material. This is composting; which is the final phase of a life cycle. The material is now ready for elimination as a bowel movement.
   Some struggle with irritable bowels and some with constipation. The process of colon hydrotherapy (colonics) and reflorastation with probiotics can assist many in having healthier guts. Most individuals only need an occasional treatment depending upon health circumstances. However one looks at it, it’s great to have guts.
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