Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Gotta Have GUTS has so much information

Dear Dr Victoria

When I was in your office for my treatment, I picked up the office copy of You Gotta Have GUTS and began reading parts of your book. WOW. I didn't purchase a copy at the time. I took my "homework sheets" with me and several articles you had written and read through every word. And only then did I realize that I needed all the information in your book.

So, (as you know) on my second treatment I bought a copy and you even autographed it for me. I never thought that my "guts" would be such an inspiring read, but you have done that, and so much more.

You have written information I didn't even know I needed to know about: you have helped the entire range of colon problems: severe constipation, irritable bowels, parasite cleansing, liver cleansing, and those without colon problems who have other health problems. You've helped babies that are brand new and elderly in their much later years, and dogs and cats too. It's good to know that you'll always be able to help me!

Thanks for taking the time to write about a very sensitive topic, make it interesting, and help me
understand how precious and special my guts actually are.

See you when I need you,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simple technique for remarkable pain relief:

This morning was an excellent day because I received this email:
“I promised that I would tell you my success stories. This week I have had too many stories to write down. The common denominator for all of the stories is that with just a few 'Bowen' moves, people look up with wonder and ask where the pain went. ‘That's just Bowen’ is the only response I have to that.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge of this wonderful work.
Sincerely, GM”

I'm so proud to offer a DVD program that most anyone can apply in a short amount of time. The DVD is close up and clear video. The menu allows one to practice one section over and over until they feel comfortable with that section. The "big" words - that is medical terms - are in the manual. So on the DVD, I use common landmarks like “cap of the shoulder” or “notch in the throat” - however, for the practitioner that wants the technical information, it is in the manual. 

What I really like are the two wall charts - they are “cheat sheets” so you can look at them to refresh your memory and not forget an important move. (Usually when learning a new technique, I have to prop the manual on the back or abdomen and try to work. By having wall charts, one quick glance shows me the move and direction.) I laminated mine at the local print shop and stapled them to my wall in my treatment room.

Check out the products page, as there is a special offer - take advantage of it today. Offer your family and friends pain relief from: back pain, shoulder pain, sciatic pain, even headache pain. Bowmann’s Bowen is easy to learn and wonderful to offer to others.