Thursday, February 14, 2013

It Certainly Beats Living with Pain

One day I heard the comment, “Pain is all encompassing.” And I wondered if it was true. In less than a week’s time, I had hurt myself and the statement became real. It was a couple days before I was able to get the cause of the pain resolved, and I had reason to contemplate those words in the quiet hours of a sleepless night. If pain has kept you awake, I’m certain you identify with my experience, and I do yours.

Well, one might try a heating pad or a hot shower, or an ice bag to reduce the pain. Massage helps sometimes, or other hands on treatments. I’ve reached for analgesics to lower the pain. Low on my list is over the counter pain medication because I don’t like how it makes me feel, nor do I like the effects on one’s liver and kidneys. However, I’ll use them when the pain is intense. I’m certain you’ve considered many of these and perhaps a few more.

When pain is a part of daily living, one’s first thought might be relief, just give me relief. Breaking the pain cycle is important because it allows the body to do things differently. Finding a way to get relief and to follow it with resolving the cause is my ultimate goal. This experience spurred my interest in finding additional ways to treat pain.

In my toolbox of treatments and modalities is a little device that is a hybrid of two modalities. The first is a very low level laser light. This kind of light source is notable for its high degree of spatial and temporal coherence. When talking about light waves, this means that the waves are ‘in phase’ with each other. Coherent light from a laser has a single wavelength, is highly ordered and well organized. This kind of coherence can affect our tissue cells to stimulate the cell’s innate metabolism that promotes healing.

The second part of the hybrid is micro-current electrical therapy. This applies a small amount of current to the body measured in millionths of an ampere. When applied to injured tissue, this normalizes the ordinary activities within the cell to enhance the normal physiological processes of the cell.

When these two modalities are combined there can be a 93% probability in relieving pain. The good news is the time spent in treating an area with this device is as short as two minutes, however it can be used for longer times when needed. It can also be repeated at intervals to continue the healing of the cells and promote more opportunity for resolution of the pain. One can call this a cascading effect. As the device is used it begins with the cells closest to the skin, with additional use, the frequencies go to deeper and deeper cells like a waterfall cascading in a stream.

Last April, I was working with one of my horses and hurt my low back and foot, severely. By that afternoon, I couldn’t flex my ankle or hardly walk. I hobbled out to feed my horses, had a small dinner and lay down to nurse my pain. Grabbing my device, I used it for 10 minutes on my back, 10 minutes on my leg, and finally 10 minutes on my foot. I rested a while and repeated this. Within a couple of hours I was able to sleep, what a relief. I awoke with the ability to walk without a limp and a 50% reduction in the previous day’s pain level.

I continued to occasionally work on the areas, probably a half dozen times for 10 to 15 minutes during the day. By evening, the pain was even less. I was thrilled as we were hosting a reception in our back yard the following day. Decorations needed to be finished, food to prepare and all the excitement of friends gathering to celebrate a friend’s marriage.

As the party approached, I spent one last application of to my healing back and foot, put on my party clothes and pretty shoes! Yes, I could wear my shoes! The afternoon and evening was a delight, fun was shared. After everyone had left, I looked back on the last three days and was amazed and thrilled that an injury had healed so quickly, and the pain dropped to allow me to enjoy the festivities.

While some pain takes longer than others, many get help. 93%, that’s awesome. Even long standing pain is relieved, and over time, some resolution is achieved. It certainly beats living with pain.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Testamonial for Bowmann's Bowen

"I have experienced knee, ankle, foot and neck injuries after years and years of running, hiking, biking and playing sports. I am extremely active and not very easy on my body.
An active friend of mine referred me to Bowen Therapy years ago for Plantar Fasciitis. I went for 3 treatments and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon within the next month without a stitich of pain in my foot!
Since she fixed my foot, I go back any time my body bothers me. I rarely see my chiropractor anymore as I feel I get better results with Victoria Bowmann's Bowen therapy. I have referred about 10 people there and all have had positive results. The trick is to keep going after the first round. I usually don't start to feel better until about 2-3 days after the first session and then when I go again, it's even better and my pain is 100% gone by the third round.
At first I was nervous to go to such an alternative place, but now I don't want to go anywhere else!
~ Haillie"