Saturday, April 30, 2011

I was admittedly skeptical...

...when I tried your Reflorastation Home Kit. Please forgive me, you see, I had tried EVERYTHING to win the war: The battle between the good and bad bacteria. For years, my candida was winning. (I don't want to even think about the money I spent taking oral probiotics.) Your kit worked wonders. I had some die-off, with two consecutive kits, but it was manageable and I'm doing GREAT! I read in your book that the "cocktail" was specially formulated by you and tested by a prominent physician for safety and potency. This gave me reassurance and, now, results. Thank you Dr Victoria, not only for your expertise, but for your kindness.
-- Amy in Scottsdale AZ

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I really like your book, and am excited to try your products!!

Cleansing is an exciting process when one realizes the toxic state of our world. Especially with the turmoil in Japan and the radiation leaks, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The intestines are at least 60% of ones' immune system so it always helps to keep these organs (small intestine and large intestine) in good order.

Whether one has good digestion and elimination or suffers from some condition, one can always offer additional support. My book: You Gotta Have GUTS: The Natural Way to GI Health will offer help for chronic or severe constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, even those struggling with ulcerative colitis. This approach has helped those with diarrhea, and travelers problems whether it is diarrhea or constipation.

It always gives satisfaction to hear from those who have purchased my book and find such value. One can become much more in charge of their health with knowledge. And You Gotta Have GUTS is all about empowering others with knowledge. As MS states, "I'm excited to try your products!"

Happy cleansing. Let me hear from you. :-)