Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leaky Gut Support

Three organs must be supported to manage Leaky Gut. They are the Small Intestine, the Liver and the Large Intestine.
Small Intestine:
·      foods that cause allergies
·      packaged and processed foods
·      dairy products
·      caffeine and fizzy drinks
·      gluten
·      sugar, alcohol, too much fruit
·      organic food, raw is best
·      vegetables
·      essential fatty acids
·      L Glutamine
·      fiber rich foods or supplemental fiber (non gluten)
·      stevia in place of sugar or sweeteners
·      consider the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

·      Juicing, (beet, carrot, parsley, cucumber, dandelion, radish)
·      Liver/GI detoxification nutrients
·      Vegetables

Large Intestine:
   The most rapid and effective treatment of colonic epithelial cell damage is through the rectal introduction of probiotics, called Reflorastation. This method will bypass stomach low pH and the digestive enzymes. When sufficient quantities of various probiotics are present in the large intestine, the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into acetate and then into butyrate provide nutrients for the rebuilding of the intestinal lining.

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