Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stress Affects the Intestines

In a recent study from Ohio State University, School of Dentistry, a very interesting abstract was published in Brain Behavior Immunology. The study postulates that stress affects the inflammatory cytokines of intestines (100 fold), increases the bad bacteria (by 28%) and decreases the good bacteria (by 50%)! This condition gives the bad bacteria an increased opportunity to over populate the intestines and create a toxic environment that will produce a multitude of health problems (beyond the initial health issue). Therefore, no matter what disease or condition one may be dealing with, the stress it produces affects the health of your gut and in-turn your overall health. So, always be proactive and treat the intestines! Check-out our At Home Colon Kit for a convenient do-it-yourself method of keeping the good bacteria at a healthy and helpful level.

Monday, April 2, 2012

You and Bowen Saved My Life and Career!

“I am a surgeon for the Arizona Humane Society and a veterinarian for 37 years and have suffered with back pain for over 30 of those years. After having tried other treatment modalities for years to attempt to alleviate the progressive pain from multiple disc protrusions, spinal stenosis, foramen narrowings and disc degeneration, which were eroding my abilities to continue to provide my veterinary services to the humane society, I was informed about the bowen procedures and fortunately led to you personally as a skilled practitioner of the same.
   I have to inform you and your current and potential clients that after only four – 45 minutes sessions, my pain and discomfort have essentially become an issue no more! I am amazed and truly appreciative of your skills. That you so much for what you do and I would recommend anyone with back pain or other medical issues making their lives miserable, to talk to you before doing anything else for they physical challenges because you may save them considerable pain, time and money consulting you and utilizing your special skills and services. Thanks again!” —Sincerely, Greg L, DVM