Friday, August 10, 2012

Relief for Degenerative Disc and Arthritic Painful Joints

Kathy - thanks for sharing this story with me. 

“I am a walking billboard for the LTO (LaserTouchOne).”  That is how my conversation started with George; let me share his story with you.

George worked in the medical device field for spinal issues for many years.  Having spent a great deal of time in surgeons’ operating rooms, he is very well versed in spine issues and all that that entails.  Despite this wealth of knowledge, over the years George politely ignored the signs of his own degenerative disc disease because he simply “did not want to know”.  When it finally started affecting his ADL (industry buzzword for “activities of daily living”), he could no longer avoid reality, he was having trouble sleeping, and so he stopped and faced the music.

George was diagnosed with degenerative discs, arthritic sacro-iliac joints, and lumbar facet joint arthritis.  He started down the road of physical therapy which helped somewhat, but not enough.  He then tried chiropractic care; that brought him to another plateau of pain relief, but again, it was not enough.

George’s therapy continued with a pain management specialist who gave him steroid injections; you guessed it – he got no relief.  He then changed to a different pain physician who was able to pinpoint the exact location of the area with the greatest pain and suggested more shots. George passed on this option, however, because of each injection can destroy surrounding tissue.  George decided to try a low-dose narcotic patch which did provide him some relief.  The downside was that the patch negatively affected his personality and that was not acceptable to him or his family.

George was then introduced to the LTO; he only agreed to try it to disprove its effectiveness.  George was certain the LTO would fail because he had already seen the best doctors and had tried their best pain-relief options.  How could a simple, handheld device do what the specialists and advanced medications could not AND do it without side effects? George thought, ‘there’s no way this will work.’

Within 30 days of first using the LTO, George had cut his narcotic patch in half.  After 30 more days, he was no longer using the narcotic patch.  He was using the LTO 4 times each day for his back and discovered that it works on his arthritic joints in his toes and base of his thumb.

When he returned to the pain clinic 60 days after discovering the LaserTouchOne, the nurse said to him “So, you’re here to refill your prescriptions.” George replied, “No, I am here to get released.” George showed the doctor the LTO and explained how it had helped him.  The doctor even borrowed a unit for 2 weeks to give it a try.  Despite George’s incredible progress, when George returned to pick up the loaned LTO, the doctor had not once taken it out of the box.

George’s story is just one man’s journey to finding pain relief through the rocky road of Western medicine.  He was fortunate though - someone showed him the LTO and he gave it a try, even if he was skeptical at first.   The pain physician George saw is still in business, still writing prescriptions for narcotics, still performing invasive procedures, still not trying the LTO.  But George is no longer the physican’s patient; George is now living his life pain-free and telling everyone his story.   

Kathy Gallivan
Vice President of Distributor Relations

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