Monday, October 11, 2010

Purple Stools

This almost sounds like Dr Seuss:

"I wonder why I haven't seen,
A purple stool from inside of me."

Our bowel elimination during a colonic will tell a practitioner many things about the workings of the GI tract. Mucus can be seen on the stool, and the color is determined by many factors. Red meat eaters will have a dark brown stool, whereas those that eat fish and fowl will have a medium brown stool. Vegetarians will have a tan stool but it will be "colored" with the types of food they eat.

If a vegetarian juices lots of carrots, the stool will be orange, beets will turn it red (almost cerise in color) and taking green drink or chlorella will make the stool greenish tan.

So a few week ago, a regular client came in for his routine treatment. And what did I see but a purple stool.

After a moment of questions, he admitted to two things: eating a pint of blueberries and drinking beet juice. Mystery solved.

And I must say: "I think I learn something every day."

There's so much value in cleansing and rejuvenation. Check out the Cellular Detox and Colon Cleanse as well as the At Home Colon Kits.

"I always take one quick glance,
A healthy stool will make me dance."

Friday, October 8, 2010

I’m Visiting From England

I met such a lovely lady this last week.

LN has spent that last 6 weeks in the US - four weeks on the east coast, the last two in Arizona and the next two weeks on the west. She emailed me hoping to set an appointment for a Bowen treatment.
"I've had Bowen for 10 years, and my back is hurting from all the different hotels beds. Can you help?"
Two days later was her session. I understood her pain, since she suffers from a spinal curvature called "scoliosis". As I began my "little plucking motions" she sighed and relaxed into the massage table.

As she left, she hugged me and said:
"Bowen always works for me, and your treatment was divine. Thanks."
What a lovely lady to meet and perhaps when I make it across the pond, I'll visit her homeland too.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Balance is the Answer

In our world of instant messaging and fast foods, one doesn't necessarily like to look at moderation and balance. “We want it now!” is a frequent mantra. One of my friends is on the “energy saver plan” for electrical use and from 3 PM to 6 PM, he needs to cut his usage. He takes this time to shut off the computer, and all the other devices and actually “become analogue” in his behavior. He's taking this time to meditate, goal set, actually read a book (not an eBook either), and teach himself a new language. One can turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees, remove some excess clothing and enjoy a cooling glass of iced green tea.

Perhaps we have become so “techie” that we've lost touch with our beautiful world. By bringing balance back into our daily lives, one actually regulates many of their functions. When one eats their meals with consciousness, the flavors are richer and tasteful. When one walks a preserve trail, it’s a time to breathe in the richness of the desert and all of her beauty. Not just walk the walk, but embrace the entire walk, like the lizard that darts under the mesquite bush or the cottontail rabbit that scurries out of the way.

Bringing this balance into our health is equally important. One can find greater vitality by routinely taking the time to cleanse. Early winter is “liver cleansing time” according to the body meridians. Consider taking an appropriate supplement to support the detoxification pathways of ones liver as well as colon irrigation and reflorastation with multiple probiotics. This strengthens the immune system so that one goes into the fall and winter with less susceptibility to colds and flu. While we might not be thinking of winter yet, the body's rhythms are recognizing the changing of the seasons; so it's time for us to honor our processes and bring balance into our life.