Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pain Relief in the Palm of Your Hands

    What do the Arizona Diamondbacks know that you don't? The value of combining low level laser light (LLLL) and very low micro-current (MC). This micro-current is considerably less than TENS however the device is cleared by the FDA as an Over The Counter Medical device. That means that anyone can purchase this and use it without a prescription. Hooray!!!
    If you would like the press release on the AZ Diamondback's concerning this use, please email me at: vbowmann@cox.net  and I'll promptly send it out.
    To learn more about this amazing product and the special offer I have for clients and friends, go to the Products page of MyRealHealth.com and scroll down to "Remarkable Pain Relief" and click on the picture of the Laser Touch One device.
Most laser devices  used by health professionals cost between $2500 and $7000!! However, this powerful laser device retails for a mere $489. WOW!!! That’s between $2000 and $6500 cheaper than similar devices!
Contact me for my "Blog Special Offer" and  receive the "Trigger Point Charts" after you've purchased your device which details the best points on the human body to target the laser and receive the maximum healing benefit. I've seen success in Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Foot Pain including Plantar Fasciitis, and all places in between.
    Don't live with pain when you can own an ergonomically designed tool, with a smart battery (holding a charge for over a month) that can quickly give you the pain relief you need. You can travel with it and not get "kinks" from hotel pillows. One of my clients is a professional golfer and we've had fantastic results. In fact, he carries his device with him on the tour.
   Perhaps, the greatest benefit is the independence of not having to go to a doctor whenever pain hits. And that is what Preventive Health is all about. Let me know how I can help you understand the technology, order your device, get the charts, and take advantage of the special offer I have for clients and friends. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

6 points for New Year's Resolution Success:

1. Progress not perfection: It seems that many of us wait until January to select to make a change, and then we make it an “all” or “nothing” decision. Lose weight. Stop smoking. Get in shape. Perhaps one can look at their resolution as a step in the right direction: instead of “lose weight” why not decide to reduce the calories, carbohydrates, and fats to healthy levels; and aim to shed two pounds per week. Seek progress, not perfection. Smoking is a complex situation and for some people, total cessation is necessary, for others, tapering off is better. Professional help is often useful. Now let’s look at “get in shape”. After the first week at the gym, many are so sore and exhausted they lose hope and choose to quit. Instead, a gradual increase in exercise is frequently more successful. So let’s set incremental goals and shoot for progress.

2. Little steps lead to positive change: 180o change of course may lead to a complete reversal of a decision. If a sedimentary person wants to get in shape, how about just taking a 5 minutes walk or climbing a flight of stairs as a start. After a few days or a week, one can double their effort or extend it to an increase in time or distance. When one is changing a routine in their food, perhaps becoming aware of the size of a single portion brings about a realization of past habits that are detrimental. Any endeavor of value takes making a decision followed by learning about a successful method to accomplish the goal. Most subjects aren’t acquired overnight; but accomplished with grasping the information and concepts a little bit at a time.

3. Give your word to someone else: I don’t know what it is about giving our word, but many people will keep their word to someone else more than they will to themselves. Perhaps it’s discipline, perhaps it’s just because the decision is tough. However, a concerned friend or family member who lovingly offers support can make our resolutions stick a little better. This is not about giving our self-discipline away as much as it is having someone to encourage, reassure, and offer understanding. When enlisting another’s help, be sure to discuss one’s goal and expectations, and outline the kind of support that is best suited from our friend.

4. One mistake isn’t the end of the world: So we overslept and missed our morning walk. There will be another day and another opportunity. Let it go, but evaluate the reason. Did I go to bed at a realistic time? Am I worried about something that affected my sleep? When one gets a perspective on the dynamics around the slip, they become fewer and further apart. It’s much like the saying: Practice makes perfect. Let’s think about someone learning to play a musical instrument: how screechy is a 4 year old practicing a violin? Yet, their time and dedication has created talented artists. (Even though they missed a practice or two!) Keep your resolution as the target, forgive yourself, but don’t give up on yourself. It’s important to not derail your plans, so climb back on the wagon.

5. Count your blessings: One means of obtaining success is to focus on a gratitude list at least once a day. Not the big things, but the little things. Take a few minutes to look around and notice the multitude of blessings one has, this can shift one’s perspective in unique and wonderful ways. Let’s start by looking at our hands: what wonderful tools for most everything we do. Opposable thumbs that make so many tasks easy. The fingernails are attractive and useful. Skin, a magnificent covering that continuously protects us from attack and innately heals itself. One can be grateful for sunshine, rain, and snow. Each has its beauty and function. By shifting our focus to appreciate what is good, another shift may occur to accept what is possible: the accomplishment of our goal.

6. Every day is the perfect day to start: An inherent attribute of many is procrastination, which leads to nowhere. And a little bit of stick to it leads to success. Haven’t we all said, “Someday, I’ll . . .” Did you know that someday isn’t one of the days of the week? Or “I’ll start on Monday!” just doesn’t get it done. If an idea pops into one’s mind, then how about starting it NOW? Could something within nudge each of us in our own right direction? At the right time? And the other side of this “coin” is that little voice inside that helps us with poor decisions. Listen to this nudging when it says: “is this in your best interest?” or “will this move you closer to your goal, or further away?” So whether or not it’s January 1st, or Monday, “Why wait, do it today!”